b'TheoneunusualattributeofreplacingtheX5frontassemblyisthe instructions in TIS to use a laser tool # 2 210 778 to align the upper support bearing with the lower spring strut holder. This is obviously notWHEN YOU BUYa tool the ISP is going to have on hand, but a little common sense can provide you with a quality installation.YOU BUY NEW OE AIR SPRINGS.Pay particular attention to the alignment of the old strut assembly. Also note that the support bearing has an outer marking; line up the new strutDEVELOPED AND PATENTED ZLWK\x03WKH\x03EHDULQJ\x03DQG\x03VSULQJ\x03KROGHU\x03WKH\x03VDPH\x03ZD\\\x11\x036RPH\x03WHFKV\x03LQ\x03WKH\x03HOG\x03OLNH\x03 FOR OE MANUFACTURING.to apply some paint dots with a paint pen and use a straight edge; however, a good eyeball here should get you lined up. From here the normal R&R procedures apply.CRIMPING REINFORCED WITH A METAL RING.X5 Rear SuspensionAside from the repair and replacement of the air springs in the X5/6 and GT models there are numerous parts in the rear that close inspection can reveal some worn components, namely the control arm bushings, trailingBELLOWS WITH AN OPTIMIZED arm bushings, and ball joints.SURFACE FOR LONG-LASTING ThecontrolarmsarefairlystraightforwardreplacementwithoutmuchDURABILITY.in the way of special tools needed. However, make sure when replacing components with cam eccentric bolts for toe and camber alignment, mark the positions with a paint pen so that you can get them as close as possiblePISTON DESIGN ACCORDING TO to where they were set. That way you wont have too much adjusting to doSPECIFICATION FOR STANDARD when you head to the alignment rack.AND SPORT VEHICLE VERSIONS.The lower control arm ball joints do, however, require a special tool which will allow you to replace them on the car. Some call this a control arm mount. A worn ball joint will present a mushy feel to the rear suspension, and when really worn, clunking and thumping noises can occur. Meyle has a replacement bushing for this and also sells the pressing tool to remove and install. The lower swing arm bushings are also a known wear item which causes a sloppy feeling in the rear suspension. These bushings are not available from BMW, they require you to replace the whole swing arm. Fortunately, Lemforder,whichmakesthesebushingsforBMW,havereplacement bushings available from SSF. These can be replaced by removing the swing arm and using a standard type ball joint press tool. |Vibracoustic stand-alone air springs are The upper strut bearing and the lowerdeveloped and patented for car manufacturers spring holder mustworldwide. They create the perfect balance be lined up. A good eyeball and commonbetween handling and driving comfort. sense can get you setAvailable only from Corteco.up without the laser tool from BMW.corteco.com11 8'