b'The complexities of distributing automotive parts continue to grow. With thatUntil the \x1fnish line is reached, our comes the need for better data, better analytics, better systems because ourtop priority is continuing to deliver the human capacity to deal with that much informationunfortunately - does nothighest level of service possible. Please want to develop fast enough on its own. bear with us if issues arise, and trust that the bene\x1fts of this transformation will be This, however, is not the place to explore the bene\x1fts and needs of all the new AIwell worth the momentary irritation.tools that are entering the mainstream. More importantly, distributors need to transition their IT infrastructure to existing software solutions built on modernFinally, the breathtaking business capabilities of technology and proven business processes across industries. We liked to believeemerging AI-driven tools would not have been the automotive aftermarket is so unique but beyond some exceptions the coreaccomplished without the tremendous progress in data management and systems like Finance, Warehouse Management, Sales, Transportation, Demandanalytics and the willingness to apply it to everyday business processes. At SSF we Planning dont di\x1eer all too much from industry to industry. feel that we owe it to our customers to focus on information technology that same way.Therefore, SSF started the transition out of our old legacy infrastructure to the latest technology and software solutions about a year ago and we are solidly pastWishing you a successful spring supported by tons of useful data!the midway point. While there is still a lot of work ahead of us we are excited to see the possibilities this new foundation will provide us to improve the way weYours,1 Thomas Beer can service our customers ever better.'