b"HAZET MULTI PURPOSE DRAIN PAN WITH HANDLES 6 liter capacity. 400 mm diameter. 120 mm height.197N-1$13.13HAZET HEX KEY SET9 piece hex key set. Nickel plated withball head and extra long design.HAZETContains: SCREWDRIVER BIT SET - SMARTCASE(1) 1.5 mm hex key 69-piece bit set packaged in Hazet's SmartCase. A compact foldable toolset (1) 2 mm hex key with an easy to clean surface combines the advantages of a slim and light (1) 2.5 mm hex key textile case with the durability of a hard-shelled tool box.(1) 3 mm hex key 2200SC-1$83.12(1) 4 mm hex key(1) 5 mm hex key(1) 6mm hex key(1) 8 mm hex key(1) 10 mm hex key.2105LG/9H$55.5524"