b'Image courtesy 0 The rear suspension of the 3 series (and other platforms) consists of a: Dynamic DriveTrailing arm Wishbone Toe arm Dynamic Drive systems were added to the BMW lineup in 2001. Instead Traction strut Camber arm of a single sway or anti roll bar, a two piece active sway bar tightens in the RSSRVLWH\x03GLUHFWLRQ\x03RI\x03WKH\x03YHKLFOHV\x03WLOW\x0f\x03WKHUHE\\\x03KHOSLQJ\x03NHHS\x03WKH\x03FDU\x03DV\x03DW\x03as possible. The up side to this is the active dampening can loosen the an AutomotiveTechInfo.com publication anti-roll when the vehicle is traveling in a straight line, giving the vehicle less of a jarring feel when say hitting a bump in the road. You can tell if the vehicle has this setup because the sway bar has a large motor mounted right in the middle.Most faults in the Dynamic Drive system will set a fault code which can be diagnosed with ISTA or a factory compatible scan tool. Triggering a fault will typically send the system into default mode, thereby rendering it a passive system until the fault is resolved. Other than electronic failures, inspect the Understanding and Servicingsystem for leaks in the pump, hoses, motor, valve block, and seals. X SeriesThe X series was introduced by BMW to be a new type of SUV. They BMW Suspension Systems technically called it a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV). The idea is a suspension that handles like a sports car and not a truck chassis, so improvements KDYH\x03FRQWLQXDOO\\\x03EHHQ\x03PDGH\x03RQ\x03WKH\x03GLHUHQW\x03JHQHUDWLRQV\x11\x037ZR\x03SRSXODU\x03lineups are the F15 and F16 (X5, X6). They will all have front coil over type struts and then, based on the package, they may have rear coil overs TheBMWmonikerhasalwaysbilleditselfastheUltimateDrivingare front and rear trailing links (a/k/a control arms) with the rearwardor rear air bags. Machine, and rightly so. Aside from the performance features of extremelyonecontainingthelowerballjoint.IncorporatedalsoisaswaybarorDynamic Active Suspensionadvanced powerplants and drivetrains, the BMW suspension and steeringanti roll bar link, which also has a wishbone ride height sensor measuringWeve already discussed Dynamic Drive. With the addition of Dynamic components are second to none.the distance between the link and the carrier. The housing or carrier alsoPerformanceControl,atorquevectoringcontrol,BMWusesan Lets take a look at some of the suspension systems commonly found oncontains the rack and pinion steering assembly along with inner and outerHOHFWURQLFDOO\\\x03FRQWUROOHG\x03UHDU\x03GLHUHQWLDO\x03GLVWULEXWLQJ\x03SRZHU\x03WR\x03WKH\x03ZKHHO\x03certain models along with some problem areas, and then we will discusstie rods.that needs it most. possible repair options. For the sake of brevity we will focus on 2015 modelTherearethreeotheroptionalsuspensionpackagesavailableinthe years and newer, starting with conventional suspensions and moving on toPayingF15/16 models. electronic and air systems.particular attention to theComfort Adaptive: Adds a pair of rear air springs instead of standard The 3 Series bushings in theCareful inspection found this worn inner and outer tie rod end and itcoils. Various sensors provide input to the control unit to raise or lower the TheBMW3seriesistheoneofmostcommonmodelsduetoitscontrol arm iswas replaced with a new assembly, tightening the steering up. rear based on the payload. Dynamic Damper Control is also incorporated DRUGDELOLW\\\x03DFURVV\x03DOO\x03WKH\x03PRGHO\x03OLQHV\x11\x03\x037KH\x03IURQW\x03VXVSHQVLRQ\x03FRQVLVWV\x03RI\x03 critical. These are a subframe/carriage ornot serviceable; frontaxlesupportinhowever SSF carries whichallthesteeringcomplete control andsuspensionarms in stock.componentsare housed.Astandard springstrutassembly isattachedtoafront knucklewhichhouses thefrontwheel bearings.Thestrut pivotsontheupperThis strutmountsupport3 series bearing and lower ballsuspension joint.is fairly straightforward with many serviceable Connectingtheparts including control arms, struts andHere is a 3 series rear assembly. Note knuckletothecarriermounting plates, and tie rod ends. WKH\x03GLHUHQW\x03DUPV\x0f\x03DOO\x03ZLWK\x03UXEEHU\x03 No, this vehicle hasnt been lowered, it justIntroduced in 2001, Dynamic Drive is mounting components. some serious suspension issues! available on most models now.7 8'