b' 29FB00 - SCR system, warning and deactivation scenario: Warning level 1 BMW states a voltage range from 8 to 16 volts, this will deliver about 20 liters of \x1fuid an hour. Well assume BMW is referring to testing with a DVOM, measuring29FC00 - SCR system, warning and deactivation scenario: Warning level 2 average circuit voltage.You can also test the signal using a scope, in this example Im connected to the2B6200 - NOx sensor before DeNOx catalytic converter, plausibility: Sensortransfer pump positive and negative feed on channels 1 and 2 respectively, and self-diagnosis of sensitivity a low current probe set to 20 amps on channel 3. Using your iSCAN device, activate the transfer pump function. 2B6300 - NOx sensor After DeNOx catalytic converter, plausibility: SensorThe yellow trace shows battery voltage supply to the pump.self-diagnosis of sensitivity The red trace shows the ground control of the pump.SCR TRANSFER PUMP TESTING2015 BMW X5 F15 models use a dual-tank Urea system, one active tank to feed the catalyst and one passive tank to store additional \x1fuid. Having dual-tanks enables the vehicle to travel longer distances between AdBlue \x1cll ups.There is a transfer pump between the tanks. The transfer pump moves \x1fuid from the passive tank to the active tank to maintain \x1fuid level. This transfer pump can fail, causing incorrect Urea levels.iSCAN BMW diagnostic software has a built-in service function to perform a transfer test. This test can be used to con\x1crm the pump is functioning.In the service function menu, locate SCR system, then select Activate Recircula-tion Pump to begin function. The transfer pump is activated until the active tank is full. The transfer pump is activated until the active tank level reaches 98%. And the green trace shows circuit current when the pump is activated.If the AdBlue level does not change, the pump may be faulty. You can quickly test the pump by listening for it during activation as well as testing it electrically.The pump is drawing a little less than 2 amps. BMW says to expect about 3 Remove the splash shields at the left side middle of vehicle, near the driveshaft.amps.The example shown is a good control circuit with a normally operating electrical portion of the pump. However, our AdBlue level did not change when we activated the transfer pump. This tells us the module and wiring is good, but the pump diaphragm has failed, and is not pumping \x1fuid. This 2015 X5 will need a new transfer pump.GET YOUR iSCAN TOOL TODAY!iSCAN SF55 2841 030 iSCAN 355 2841 020iscantech.com22'