b"7KH\x03QHWZRUN\x03DOVR\x03VKDUHV\x03DLU\x03EDJ\x03GDWD\x03YLD\x03&$1\x03%XV\x03 and other modules. The 12 volt pinion starter is then to the 48 volt battery module, so that in the event ofengaged initially at cold start to start the car. During a crash with air bag deployment, the 48 volt air gapHQJLQH\x03UXQ\x0f\x03WKH\x03\x17\x1b\x03YROW\x036*5\x03FKDUJHV\x03ERWK\x03WKH\x03\x17\x1b\x03YROW\x03contactor is automatically opened, and the 48 voltVLGH\x03$1'\x03WKH\x03\x14\x15\x03YROW\x03VLGH\x0f\x03YLD\x03WKH\x033&8\x17\x1b\x039ROWDJH\x03system is disabled. &RQYHUWHU\x0f\x03 ORFDWHG\x03 LQ\x03 WKH\x03 ULJKW\x03 IURQW\x03 IRRWZHOO\x0f\x03 DV\x03Thebatterymodulecontinuallymonitorsthestated above.individualbatterycellvoltages(nominal44volts$IWHU\x03 FROG\x03 VWDUW\x0f\x03 WKH\x03 6*5\x03 WDNHV\x03 RYHU\x03 DOO\x03 VWDUWLQJ\x03divided by 20 cells = approximately 2.2 volts eachfunctions. Diagnosis of most of the system is done cell)andmonitorsthecelltemperatures,thenWKURXJK\x03HLWKHU\x03,67$\x03JXLGHG\x03IDXOW\x10QGLQJ\x03WHVW\x03SODQV\x03UHSRUWV\x03WKLV\x03GDWD\x03YLD\x03.\x10&$1\x1b\x03PHVVDJH\x03WR\x03WKH\x03'0(\x11\x03 RU\x03JXLGHG\x03IXQFWLRQV\x03XVLQJ\x03WKH\x03VFDQQHU\x11\x03127(\x1d\x037KHUH\x03When needed, the system will internally commandappeartobenophysicallyaccessible48volttest the battery module to run its internal cooling systemSRLQWV\x1e\x03 DOO\x03 IXQFWLRQV\x0f\x03 GDWD\x03 DQG\x03 YROWDJH\x03 PRQLWRULQJ\x03ATEQ VT37to control battery cell temperature regulation. are done with the scan tool.6DIHW\\\x031RWH\x1d\x035HPHPEHU\x0f\x03$1\x03/LWKLXP\x10LRQ\x03EDWWHU\\\x03 5HPHPEHU\x0f\x03LI\x03HLWKHU\x03WKH\x03\x14\x15\x03YROW\x03RU\x03\x17\x1b\x03YROW\x03V\\VWHP\x03JHWV\x03Rugged casing and durable rechargeable battery is designed forinanyapplicationorofanyvoltageratingcandepleted, the entire vehicle is rendered inoperable. tough service station environments. Frequent updates ensure the newest TPMS sensors and vehicles are introduced each year. H[SHULHQFH\x03 WKHUPDO\x03 HYHQWV\x03 RU\x03 H[SORVLRQV\x03 LI\x03 WKH\x03The tool guides you to the compatible sensors and part numbersbattery case is cracked, broken or breached so as to,I\x03\\RX\x030867\x03SK\\VLFDOO\\\x03ORDG\x10WHVW\x03WKH\x03\x14\x15\x03YROW\x03EDWWHU\\\x03for any vehicle, and indicates the correct torque values. Quicklyintroduce atmospheric air and moisture, so alwaysinthesecars,itisbesttodisconnectthebattery program aftermarket sensors, one wheel at a time. For relearn,from the vehicle, and of course, doing this will set use the VT37 with a diagnostic scan tool or follow the autouse caution when servicing, replacing or handling relearn or manual relearn instructions in the car user manual. $1\x03/LWKLXP\x10LRQ\x03EDWWHU\\\x04 in motion its own set of relearns and steps needed Features comprehensive make, model, year look-up and TPMSto reinitialize the car, so be sure to test the battery sensor part number look-up for OE and aftermarket sensors.The Brains Behind the Brawn of the 48(;$&7/\x03$6\x03,16758&7(' in service info. And VT37-0000$180.00 Volt MHEV System NEVER\x03DWWHPSW\x03WR\x03ORDG\x03WHVW\x03WKH\x03\x17\x1b\x03YROW\x03/LWKLXP\x10LRQ\x03The computer logic of the 48 volt electrical systemEDWWHU\\\x0f\x03HYHU\x11\x03,Q\x03RWKHU\x03ZRUGV\x03QR\x03WRDVWHU\x03WHVWHUV\x03ishandledviaacombinationofallfunctionalRQ\x03WKHVH\x03FDUV\x0f\x03IRONV\x03FRPSRQHQWV\x0f\x03 LQFOXGLQJ\x03 WKH\x03 6*5\x17\x1bV\x03 LQWHUQDO\x03 Finally, in order to prevent severe electrical arcing PRGXOH\x0f\x03WKH\x03'0(\x0f\x03WKH\x033&8\x17\x1b\x033RZHU\x03&RQWURO\x038QLW\x0f\x03 duringpowertransitions,acapacitorbankis andBATT48's12voltinternalcontrolmodule.mountedontheoutsideoftheBATT48case These components are all in play and are internallywhich is managed (charged and discharged) by the modulized to control the system and make it work.3&8\x17\x1b\x03 &RQYHUWHU\x11\x03 7KHVH\x03 LQWHUPHGLDWH\x03 FDSDFLWRUV\x03BMW 48 Volt Electrical System Overview,are necessary to provide a smooth voltage transition Summary and Reminders duringmodechanges,andtoprotecttheairgap Tosummarizethisintroductoryoverview,wearecontactorfromarcingdamageinthecaseofan remindedthatthe48voltsystemistheprimaryopen circuit fault occurring while a 48 volt load is electrical system in this case, and that the 12 voltbeing driven. V\\VWHP\x03 LV\x03 QRZ\x03 SLJJ\\\x10EDFNHG\x03 WR\x03 WKH\x03 \x17\x1b\x03 YROW\x03 PDLQ\x03 Theoverallimprovementstopowersupply,the system in parallel.DELOLW\\\x03WR\x03VXSSO\\\x03PRUH\x03ORDGV\x0f\x03VPRRWKLQJ\x03RXW\x03WKH\x036WDUW\x107KH\x03 3RZHU\x03 &RQWURO\x03 8QLW\x03 LV\x03 D\x03 '&\x10WR\x10'&\x03 FRQYHUWHU\x03 6WRS\x03ZKLSODVK\x03WR\x03WKH\x03HQJLQH\x03DQG\x03WKH\x03IXOO\x03LQWHJUDWLRQ\x03capable of both Boost (raise voltage) conversions, asZLWK\x03%0:V\x03(FLHQW\x03'\\QDPLFV\x03VHHPV\x03WR\x03KDYH\x03KLW\x03well as Buck (reduce the voltage) conversions. Whilethe sweet spot, so expect to see rapid expansion of WKH\x03 3&8\x17\x1b\x03 GRHV\x03 FRQWURO\x03 WKH\x03 SK\\VLFDO\x03 VZLWFKLQJ\x03 WKLV\x03WHFKQRORJ\\\x03RQ\x03DOO\x03,&(\x03HTXLSSHG\x03RHULQJV\x03LQ\x03WLPH\x11ATEQ TS56-1000 VT56 COMPREHENSIVE TPMS SERVICE TOOL KIT andmotormanagementfunctions,the48volt'sBy2025,industrytealeavesindicatethatabout Fast make-model-year selection via VIN scan (North Americacomponent modules and the DME are responsible\x14\x18\x08\x03RU\x03PRUH\x03RI\x03WKH\x03,&(\x10HTXLSSHG\x03QHZ\x03YHKLFOH\x03HHW\x03only). Triggers all OEM sensors worldwide, displays all sensorforcontrolofthesystem.TheDMEcontainsawill be hybridized with 48 volt systems. The new 48 data. Provides comprehensive TPMS relearn procedures (incl.power management chip that BMW calls fEPM orvolt system topology allows BMW a lot of room to indirect/direct). Programs all leading aftermarket programmable sensors. Displays OBD2 location on tool screen. TPMS reset viaFlexible Energy And Power Management, which isgrow, considering how tapped out the conventional OBD2 on more than 60% of car models.TVT56 Diagnostic TPMSin essence the master control for all decision making12 volt systems have become. Everyone seems to be Tool Kit with OBD module, docking station and printer, andin the system. jumping on board the 48 volt train. We recommend Master KitThe VT56 is the all-in-one comprehensive TPMS tool with coverage for American, European and Asian vehicles. Itsthat as technicians, you do too!advanced features and functions provides complete TPMSWhenthevehicleisinitiallypoweredup,the management. Thanks to frequent updates, it includes all new.\x10&$1\x1b\x03URXWHV\x03VLJQDOV\x03WR\x03WKH\x03YDULRXV\x03VWDUW\x03PRGXOHV\x0f\x03 This is such an exciting time to be an Automotive TPMS sensors and vehicles, immediately when introduced eachWKH\x03'0(\x0f\x033&8\x17\x1b\x039ROWDJH\x03&RQYHUWHU\x0f\x036*5\x03PDFKLQH\x03 Technician! |year.TS56-1002 $893.6029 8"