b'As a manufacturer, we believe that you must be supplied with products of theNice to know highest possible quality. We do not only to provide you with products but offer you a strong and internationally marketed brandin conjunction with comprehensive business ideas and all the backup necessary to promote the success of your business. Systems and Service with integrated profitthis is what is at your disposal with LIQUI MOLY!OE Bosch Parts With our product ranges, which we are continual-ly expanding to promote sales growth and innova- for Gas & Diesel Founded in 1957, our beginnings go back tive high-tech products, you are opening lucrativeSprintersdecades. The first product was an oil additive market niches and expanding your customerthat contains the solid lubricant molybdenum base. We produce innovations which you can usedisulfide (MoS2) to protect the engine against to penetrate new markets and business areasAlternators/Starterswear. Today, after more than 65 years, this oil and use these to streamline the image of yourBrakingown company. Look in our catalogue and see howadditive is still being produced. This additive we can support you with our comprehensive salesDEF Modules / Heatersis also where our company name comes from: promotion program and help you in your businessLIQUI, because it is a liquid additive, and and companies with free advertising, information,FiltersMOLY because of the molybdenum disulfide.and display material. Fuel InjectorsFuel PumpsIn our in-house, state-of-the-art laboratory, our team rises to every technical challenge byGlow Plugsdeveloping tailor-made products and individualOxygen Sensorssolutions to problems. Thats why LIQUI MOLY stands for innovations, such as special biologi- Steeringcal products based on renewable raw materials. Our company plays an important internationalThrottle Bodiesrole in the field of problem solving with regardWiper Bladesto modern motor oil development, e.g. with oils to prevent low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) or fuel economy oils that reduce fuel consumption.LIQUI MOLY traditionally maintains a close Our own production facility in Ulm, Germanyconnection to motorsports. We are currently in-now fills more than 18 million cans a year forvolved in the MotoGP motorbike championship, in additives aloneand the trend is rising.which every team of Moto2 and Moto3 rides with LIQUI MOLY produces around 90,000 toil by LIQUI MOLY. And we are also of lubricants per year, which are soldactive in sponsoring the supreme di-in around 150 countries. The majorityscipline of motorsport, Formula 1. In of these are automotive products.addition to the partnerships with va-The same high quality standardsrious motorsport events and teams, apply to all products worldwide.we are involved internationally and Scan QR Code and see ourregionally in various sports events website www.liqui-moly.us and teams as a sponsor.10'