b'VOLVO ELECTRIC COOLING PUMP TESTINGUsingouriSCAN VolvodiagnosticsoftwareintheEnginedatastream, under the menu item General / Miscellaneous, we have the ability to mon-Beginning with model year 2015, Volvo models with 2.0 liter turbochargeditor pump desired and actual speed. When the engine is at idle speed and engines come equipped with an electric coolant pump. The electric cool- the engine reaches 176 degrees, the pump will begin to cycle ON and OFF antpumpiscontrolledbytheenginecontrolmodule(ECM). TheECMat 740 RPM.varies pump speed and coolant delivery via LIN bus, determined by engine temperature and driving conditions. It is used in conjunction with the elec-tric thermostat to maintain and control engine temperature as needed. The electric coolant pump allows a variable amount of coolant to be circulated in the cooling system at any given time.In this article were using a 2017 Volvo V60 with a 2.0 liter engine as our subject vehicle and Ill show you how I test the circuit and pump for proper function.Thepumpismountedtothefrontoftheengineandhasafour-wire connector with three wires.It is supplied with battery positive volts from a 50 amp fuse located in the engine compartment distribution box (A), has a LIN bus connection for pump control and feedback (B) and a back-up monitor circuit ( C ) to ensure pump operation in the case of a fault in the LIN bus circuit. The pump isAt idle speed and once the engine reaches 180 degrees, the pump will run grounded through the pump body to the crankcase.continuously at about 750 RPM.SPECIAL OFFER!PURCHASE THE iSCAN 3 EURO KIT FOR $3,900 PLUS SHIPPING, AND BE UPGRADED AT NO CHARGE TO ALL MAKES & MODELS.iSCAN DIAGNOSTIC SCAN TOOL$4,500AUTOLAND ISCAN 3 EURO KIT VALUE!Diagnostic scan tool featuring all European makes and supercar diagnostic and integrated programming software. Includes IMS2 BMW ICOM OE programming and diagnostic pass thru and built-in J2534 pass thru capability.Screen size: 10 inches.55 2841 020$3,900.0023'