b'OE Bosch Parts for Gas & Diesel SprintersThesenewSparkPlugConnectorsprovideabearingareawhichallowstheAlternators/Startersinstaller to use the factory tool to easily remove or install the wire set. BrakingTheMercedesBenz V6& V8engines DONOTprovidemuchroomtosafelyDEF Modules / Heatersreplace the wire set. Also, over time the spark plug boot may adhere to the spark plug making it even tougher to remove the wire set in this limited work space. FiltersOur new redesigned spark plug connectors provide a bearing area which allowsFuel Injectorsthe installer to use the factory tool to easily remove or install the wire set. scan the QR code below, to see how helpful it is to the installer to have a wire set with aFuel Pumpssparkplugconnectorthatworkswiththefactorytool. Thevideoshowsthe wrench being used on an OE connector. Notice how the installer has to rotate theGlow Plugswrench in order to get the tool to \x1ft properly on the spark plug connector. The OE connector is 16mm in diameter, but because it has a seam, it becomes 22mmOxygen Sensorswhen you rotate it 90 degrees. The Factory wrench has a 17mm opening so the installer must rotate the wrench to \x1fnd the proper \x1ft. Bremi has improved theSteeringdesign over the OE connector by allowing the factory tool to \x1ft properly at any angle because it is 14mm all the way around. Throttle BodiesWiper Blades#643 (V6) & #661 (V8)If you do not carry the factory tool, we o\x1eer the same wrench for much less! DEMO VIDEOOrder our crows foot wrench #2771Z, so that the installersDO NOT destroy the wire set or their knuckles.www.karlynsti.comWRENCH #2771ZDEMO VIDEOkarlynsti.com12'