b"SONAXSONAXSONAX UPHOLSTERYSONAX ENGINE WHEEL CLEANERGLASS CLEANER AND ALCANTARADEGREASER - FULL EFFECT New and improved glass cleaningCLEANERENGINE CLEANEREngineered for wheels thatformula for e\x1fortless, streak-freeBrand new formulation developedQuickly and reliably cleans all accumulate high amounts ofcleaning. Environmentallyespecially for vehicles withoil and grease from engines, iron-rich brake dust, oil & rubberconscious product containsAlcantara seats and accessories.machine and assembly parts residue. surfactants made from renewableDirty and matted Alcantara will beand tools. The product has an (500 ml Spray Bottle)materials. Quickly removes insectbrought back to it's original vibrantoutstanding in\x1dltration ability, remains and road grime on thecolors and soft, suede feel. Also safeenabling it to reach even the 230200$16.99 outside and \x1dlm build-up andand e\x1fective on carpets, textilesmost inaccessible places. smoke residue on the inside of yourand standard upholstered seatingPhosphate-free, solvent-free.vehicle. Also great for home use. and interior surfaces. (500 ml Spray Bottle) (750 ml Spray Bottle)(250 ml Spray Bottle)543200$19.99338400$13.99 206141$19.99SONAX RUBBER PROTECTANT - GUMMIPFLEGERCleans and refreshes rubber components and maintains their elasticity. Extends the working life of the rubber and freshens up colors. Perfect for door seals. E\x1fortlessly cleans and restores the original appearance of tires and \x1eoor mats.(100 ml Bottle) 340100$11.9915"