b'BAUM LUG BOLT HOLE ALIGNMENT TOOL SETFor use on cars with 14 X 1.5 mm lug bolts. Includes 2 alignment tools.Use in place of lug bolts to hold wheel in position while installing the other lug bolts.M0030A $30.03BAUM MBZ CAMSHAFT ALIGNMENT PLATE SET Used to hold down the camshafts when the valve covers are removed from the cylinder heads on Mercedes 157, 276, and 278 engines.276-0140 $105.48BAUM PORSCHE FEELER GAUGE FOR VALVE ADJUSTMENT (.004) For adjusting valve clearance on Porsche 911 1965-1994.000-721-213-20 $13.30BAUM BRAKE PAD GAUGETool to measure brake lining thickness without removal of the wheel.341260 $38.31 BAUM MBZ FUEL PUMP LOCK RING TOOL Used to remove and replace the locking ring on in-tank fuel pumps for Mercedes 204, and 212 chassis cars.001-0007 $90.9331 12'