b'-ENGINE OIL FILTERHAZET STRUT TOOLHAZET MAGNETIC PARTS TRAYWRENCH This is a spreader tool for the front steering knucklePlastic tray for the storage of small parts such 74.4 mm, 14-Point - 3/8" or 27 mmto allow for easy removal of the front struts. as nuts and screws. Magnetic to attach it to Drive4912-1$15.50 tool boxes, shop walls, lifts etc.2169 $28.20 197-3$15.25HAZETUTILITY KNIFEComfortable handle. Features quick blade changing, blade magazine with safety lock &thumb cushion.Includes: (Qty.) (5) Blades.2157-1$32.15HAZET MULTI PURPOSE DRAIN PAN WITH HANDLES 6 liter capacity. 400 mm diameter. 120 mm height.197N-1$14.2611 12'