b"AGA ENGINE OIL CATCH CAN KIT This captures excess oil from removing the oil \x1flter cover cap on BMW B58 engines. Contains:(1) Oil Catch Canister(1) Syringe.83-30-5-A3B-354 $65.50THE PROBLEM: Oil spillage is a major issue when removing the oil \x1flter on a BMW B58 engine. It causes a big mess inside the engine bay and outside of the vehicle. It's in places where it's hard to reach so cleaning thoroughly can be tough. Besides, trying to clean oil in tight crannies can get yourself burned and/or cuts. Let's not forget about the angry customer experiencing oil spillage in their garage and driveways.THE SOLUTION: The AGA B58 Oil Catch Tool. Made in the USA, the purpose of this tool is to make oil \x1flter removal on the B58 engine less messy since the tool is designed to clamp onto the oil \x1flter housing and catch any oil spillage that occurs during \x1flter removal.View BMW Service Bulletin here30"