b'AGA INSIDE DOOR PANEL LEVER REPAIR KITThis kit has an aluminum bracket that replaces the original plastic inner door panel lever, which is not available from the vehicle manufacturer, saving the expense of replacing the door panel itself. This is an updated kit that repairs the lever regardless of where the lever is broken.Contains:(1) aluminum bracket (1) aluminum block (2) screws (1) door panel clip (1) drill bit (1) allen wrench (1) center punch (1) installation instructions22 8425 006 $129.20AGA CLEAN OIL FUNNEL KITDesigned to make \x1flling oil much cleaner and easier, the funnel features a wide mouth capable of accepting a whole quart of oil without spills. The kit includes 13 di\x1eerent manufacturer-speci\x1fc adapters that cover most vehicles on the road, including the new BMW and Mercedes-Benz 1/4 turn style, and also includes angled attachements making it completely universal.55 4947 010$94.93AGA BMW PARKING BRAKE LEVER RETAINER CLIP AGA ALLEN SOCKET SET 13 MM DRIVE 4-PIECE SETMade of billet aluminum.Compact, magnetic designed to be used with any 13 mm wrench. Can be used to remove and install oil 09 5074 100$122.55 drain/\x1fll plugs in tight spaces. Strong magnet keeps socket \x1frmly connected to the wrench, while a smaller magnet on the allen side keeps drain/\x1fll plugs connected to the socket. Contains:(1) 14 mm Allen Socket(1) 12 mm Allen Socket(1) 10 mm Allen Socket(1) 8 mm Allen Socket(1) Case. 55 7116 030$160.5529 12'