b'HAZET PORSCHEHAZET HAZET OIL FILTER WRENCH DESIGN PNEUMATICPNEUMATIC 36 mm, 6-Point - 3/8" DriveIMPACT WRENCH IMPACT WRENCHHAZET TIRE INFLATOR 2169-36$32.12 HAZET BRAKE DISCLimited edition Porsche1/2" Drive.Compact W/ PRESSURE GAUGEMEASURING TOOL SET Design. White rear housingconstruction, only 113 mm, Designed to be used with compressed air.3-Piece Set.Used for checking the thicknesscover with "PORSCHEenables working in areas with Handle with lever and air release button. 400and lateral run-out of brake discs. MOTORSPORT" on the handle. restricted access. mm \x1fexible hose with integrated nipple.55 9983 010$171.749012M-PD$206.71 9012M$184.609041D-1$99.50HAZET BRAKEHAZETLINE WRENCH PRESSURIZED HAZET HOSE REEL 11 mm. For screwed brake lineSPRAY BOTTLEHAZET MULTI PURPOSEPressurized with compressed air. DRAIN PAN WITH HANDLES5/8 in X 50 ft.Black hybrid polymer hoseconnections at the front and rear axle.Suitable for chemical products.Made of polyethylene. With pouring faucet. suitable for air or water. Hose stop functionSlotted straight and 6-point ends. Includes 155 mm long spray nozzle 16 liter capacity.at any point, braked winding to prevent risk612N-11$33.23 and standard spray nozzle.197-2$42.09 of accidents.199-4$65.419040N-10$154.99HAZETTOOL TROLLEY4 section collapsible, with beech wood table board on top section. Bottom section made of sheet steel. Lockable with 2 keys included.HAZET166C$833.31TORQUE HAZET WRENCH COOLING SYSTEMHAZET TORQUE1/2" Drive - 40 to 200 Nm FLUSH GUN WRENCH Range.+/- 4% accuracy Uses a combination of water and1/4" Drive - 2.5 to 25 Nm Range. tolerance. Turning handleHAZET compressed air for top cleaning+/- 4% accuracy tolerance.knob for torque setting. WithPORSCHE DESIGN performance without the use ofTurning handle knob for torquerachet. SOCKET SETaggressive chemicals and solvents.setting. With ratchet. 5122-2CT$184.98 1/4" Drive 38-Piece Set Limited edition 9048P-1$44.59 5108-2CT$180.21 Porsche Design. White & black SmartCase.856-1-PD$203.69HAZET PIPE STOPPER SET To seal pipelines in brake systems, air conditioning systems, power steering and fuel systems that cannot be secured with a \x1fexible hose clamp.4591/4$25.20HAZET HEX KEY SET9 piece hex key set. Nickel plated withHAZET WHEEL LUG BOLT /HAZETHAZET ball head and extra long design. NUT SOCKET SET COMBINATIONGREASE GUN 2105LG/9H$50.55 17 mm Impact, 6-Point - 1/2" Drive.WRENCH SETHAZETFor precise lubrication of Includes plastic sleeve to protect theRatcheting 6-Piece Set(Qty.) (1) 8 mmWRENCH SET strking mechanisms, surface around wheel lug bolts/nuts. ratcheting, (1) 10 mm ratcheting, (1) 1233-Piece Set.(Qty.) (8) doublespindles, etc.903SLG-17/3$46.47 mm ratcheting, (1) 13 mm ratcheting,open end - 6 X 7 mm - 21 X 222162M$25.62(1) 17 mm ratcheting, (1) 19 mmmm, (17) combination - 6 - 24 ratcheting mm, (8) double box end- 6 X 7 163-97/6$125.05 mm - 21 X 22 mm.163-140/33$465.8013 40'