b'AGA INSIDE DOOR PANEL LEVER REPAIR KIT - Version 2 Aluminum bracket that replaces the original plasticAGA INSIDE DOOR PANELAGA TRANSMISSION MOUNT TOOLinner door panel lever, which is not available from theLEVER REPAIR KIT - Version 1For transmission mount replacement without vehicle manufacturer, saving the expense of replacingThis kit has an aluminum bracket that replaces theremoving the transmission on Porsche 996/997AGA the door panel itself. This is an updated kit that repairsoriginal plastic inner door panel lever, which is notCarrera 1999-2008. CRANKCASE TEST CAP TOOL the lever regardless of where the lever is broken.available from the vehicle manufacturer, savingUsed during engine crankcase smoke and 22 8425 016$115.15 the expense of replacing the door panel itself. 10 4886 090$279.06 pressure testing. Made from 6061 billet aluminum, and designed to work with many 22 8425 006$69.94 older and newer vehicles with steel, aluminum, and plastic valve covers. 55 9998 010$64.40AGA VALVE STEM SEAL AGA FLEX SOCKET -INSTALLER 14 MM FLARE NUT - 3/8" DRIVEFor BMW N62 and N63TU V8. Steel installation 46 degree angle \x1fex. Originally designed forsleeve streamlines the process of installing AGA TRANSMISSION MOUNT TOOL direct injection fuel lines, but can be used in anyvalve stem seals. Takes the place of the Save valuable time when \x1fushing the Active Body Controlhard to reach area. traditional plastic sleeves that can only be (ABC) system on Mercedes 215, 216, & 220 chassis cars. Inused once and can be di\x1ccult to work with. order to properly \x1fush the the ABC system, it is55 7122 010$179.55 09 8496 010 $16.71 AGA BRAKE DISC REMOVAL TOOL recommended to have access to the Mercedes StarUsed to remove seized brake rotors from the wheel hub Diagnosis System. Also note that this tool is designed towithout the use of a hammer, preventing a shock load on only work with the new style ABC reservoir.electrical sensors and d (Qty.) (1) Brake Disc Remover, (2) 22 9997 119$129.03 12 X 1.50 Stando\x1e Screw, (2) 14 X 1.25 Stando\x1e Screw, (2) 14 X 1.50 Stando\x1e Screw.55 9985 010$416.94AGA AUTOMATICAGA WORK LIGHT KIT TRANSMISSION SUPPORT ADAPTER Work light kit that clips onto Made speci\x1dcally for the ZF 8HP transmission. Theobjects in the engine compartment AGA Transmission Adaptor lifts the transmission byin order to make it easier to see. AGA AUTO TRANS FILL PLUGthe aluminum casing not the from the plastic \x1dlterEach light bar produces 560 lumens pan. Designed to work with most transmission jacks.and is 6000-6500K color temp (pure SOCKET Constructed from steel.white light). The kit is also 55 Inside TORX - 17 mm DriveUsed to remove and09 3311 010 $260.39 waterproof. Provides superior replace the auto trans \x1dll plug. For MINI R52, R53, R55,lighting for poorly lit, limited and R56, R57, R58, R59, R60 and R61 chassis with 6-speedtight work areas. Increased visibility automatic transmission. Small in size and alsowhen working in dim lit areas, and registers on the outer diameter of the plug, making itgreatly reduces the chance of simple to reach the plug. making mistakes.26 9976 010$54.79 AGA55 4676 010$153.56FUEL DRUM DOLLY55 GALLON Fuel drum dolly made to \x1dt 55 gallon drums. Red powder coated with casters and steel wheels.55 9392 010$103.2536'