b'GOJAK 4520AUTO JACK/DOLLYDeveloped for the race car industry. You can e\x1fortlessly lift and move cars with tires as wide as 20 and up to 36 tall. The unit will handle wheel weights of 1,125 lbs. (up to 4,500 lbs with four units). Twin rollers on each axle guide the tire smoothly up and over the axle support bar to lift wider tires. This auto jack / auto dolly unit uses a bi-directional linear ratchet for the jack portion and has a 5-degree o\x1fset pedal angle for additional foot-to-tire clearance.G4520 $235.16GOJAK 5211AUTO JACK/DOLLYThe workhorse of the GoJakline. The basic self-loading dolly design was developed 20years ago and speci\x1ecations have been improved from 5,000 to 5,200 lb capacity. A reliable product that can lift and move wheel weights up to 1,300 lbs. (up to 5,200 lbs with 4 units). Capable of lifting tire widths up to 11 wide and up to 36 tall, the unit accommodates a very large percentage of the passenger cars & small trucks sold today. It uses a bi-directional linear ratchet for the jack portion and four 4 diameter heavy-duty double ball raceway casters. Available in left & right hand units. G5211 $209.92GOJAK 6313AUTO JACK/DOLLYAble to accommodate up to 6,200 pounds (1,550 lbs. per wheel), including light duty trucks with tire widths up to 13 wide and 36 tall. The most versatile and the strongest GoJack. It has steel rollers, wider axles and two heavy-duty 5 diameter, and two 4 diameter, double-ball raceway casters, for easier rolling with heavier loads. The 6313 has a 5-degree o\x1fset pedal for additional foot-to-tire clearance. Under frame clearance 2-1/2 inches. Available in left and right hand units.G6313 $239.20GOJAK When it comes to the Rein Automotive brand, the \x1frst thingVEHICLE DOLLY most people think of is OE-quality cooling system compo- STORAGE RACKnents. And while CRP Automotive o\x1eers more than 700 ReinRolling storage cart holds up to four GoJak vehicle dollies, \x1ets all models.hoseandcoolingcategorySKUsforawiderangeofVehicle dollies not included.late-modelimportvehicles,theReinnamealsocoversG567R$92.652,500+ OE-quality replacement partsincluding anti-vi-bration and power steering parts.The Import StandardCRPautomotive.com22'