b'AST FUELAST CAMSHAFTAST DRIVE LINE INJECTOR TOOL ALIGNMENT TOOL SETFLUID FILLERUsed to remove and installFor setting camshaft timing on the8 Liter.Hand pump \x1fuid the fuel injectors on BMWBMW N62 and N62TU V8 and N73\x1eller used to \x1ell transmis-N20, N26 and N55 engines.V12 engines. sions, di\x1derentials and Only for fuel injectors withBMW 6208$249.69 transfer cases.top hold-down. ATF EURO 8 BMW 5532$86.33 $317.69AST DRIVE LINE FLUID FILLER8 Liter.Hand pump \x1fuid \x1eller used to \x1ell transmissions, di\x1derentials and transfer ASTcases for VW/Audi. Dispenses ENGINE MOUNT WRENCH e\x1cciently. On/o\x1d ball valve. AST CAMSHAFT LOCK TOOL SET16 mm - 3/8" Drive.Used forContainer made of ultra high Camshaft locking tool used for setting timing inremoving and installing the enginedensity polyethylene (UHDP). VW/Audi engines 2.5L (BGP, BGQ, BPR, BPS, CBTA andmount bolts on Mercedes 272, and4 ft. 10 in. hose length. AST ENGINE OIL FILTER WRENCHCBUA), 3.2L (BKH), 4.2 (BAR, BNS, BVJ, BYH and CAUA)273 engines.Overall length 95 mm. ATFVW6$253.12 90 mm, 16-Point - 3/8" Drive and 5.2 (BXA and BSM). M 162019$30.13 JA 19015$17.00T 4007019$130.00AST OIL DRAIN PLUG TOOLDrain plug removal tool for 2015 and newer 2.0T and 1.8T VW and Audi engines, & 2017 and newer Porsche Macan 2.0 and 911 Carrera 3.0 engines.VW 10549$15.44AST FUEL PUMP LOCK RING TOOL (120 mm) Used to remove and replace the in-tankAST WHEEL LUG BOLT SOCKET fuel pump and level sensor lock ring. For Porsche17 mm, "Flower Shaped" - 1/2" Drive.88 mm Cayenne & Panamera. Long Design with Plastic Sleeve for both Reach T 10202$55.44 and Scratch Protection. For chrome serrated headAST FUEL PUMP LOCK RING TOOL wheel lug bolts. (139 mm)Used to remove and replace the in-tank M17 XLWS$31.46 fuel pump and level sensor lock ring. AST For Porsche 986 Boxster, 996 Carrera/Tur- INTERMEDIATE bo/GT2/GT3 and select VW/Audi applications. LEVER SPRING 3217$71.67 TOOL Used to remove and install the return spring for the intermediate lever on the BMW N52 and N55 L6 engines.BMW 2755AST$272.21CAMSHAFT ALIGNMENT TOOL SET For setting camshaft timing on the BMW N20 and N26 L4 engines. AST CRANKSHAFT BMW 2026$335.99 SEAL TOOL SET For removal and installation of the front crankshaft seal on BMW N51, N52 and N54 L6 engines.BMW 5254$229.00 AST TIMING TOOL SET Timing tool set for 5.0L Jaguar and Land Rover engines.JLR 5008$302.3325 24'