b'MAHLE ARCTICPRO ACX2150 Fully recover and recharge R134A in any climatic. Long life pump that performs a self-cleaning process reducing MAHLE BEHRmaintenance. Automatic BMW BLOWER MOTORweighing of recovered oil, ASSEMBLYMAHLE BEHRallowing accurate replenish-BMW FAN CLUTCHment of oil removed during 64-11-9-242-607 $122.36 11-52-7-505-302 $78.89 service. Integrated UV dye injection provides high level of leak detection. Features an ergonomic 7 capacitive touch screen.460 80445 00$3,499.99MAHLE BEHRMAHLE BEHRMAHLE ARTICPRO 2120H Fully recover and recharge R134A in any climatic MBZ BLOWER MOTORMBZ BLOWERcondition. Long life pump functionality that performs a ASSEMBLY REGULATOR self-cleaning process reducing maintenance. High 211-906-23-00 $147.28 221-870-67-58 $129.38performance vacuum pump to ensure faster service times. Simple, ergonomic interface with alphanumeric black and white display and buttons. Designed for servicing all passenger and hybrid vehicles.460 80444 00 $3,049.99MAHLE ARCTICPRO ACX2250 Fully recover and recharge R1234yf in any climatic condition. Long life pump MAHLE BEHR PORSCHE MAHLE BEHR AUDI BLOWERfunctionality that performs a self-cleaning A/C CONDENSERMOTOR RESISTORprocess reducing maintenance. Automatic weighing of recovered oil, allowing accurate 993-573-011-03 $77.608K0-820-521 B $120.19 replenishment of oil removed during service. Integrated UV dye injection provides high level of A/C system leak detection. Features an ergonomic 7 inch capacitive touch screen.Win a ArcticPROPermanent wireless software automatically installs the latest updates. A non-integrated A/C Service Machine! refrigerant identi\x1fer prevents contamination of machine internals by using a third hose and coupler for sampling.From MAY 1st thru June 30th 2020, for every $100 you460 80446 00 $5,099.99purchase on SSF HVAC products from Mahle, Valeo, Denso, or Nissens, you will automatically receive one entry into a drawing for a Mahle ArcticPRO ACX2150! (a $3,400 value!)The more you buy, the more entries you will receive!(Winner will be announced in July) 15'