b'BAUM CAMSHAFTBAUMBAUM TIMING CHAIN GUIDE ALIGNMENT TOOL KITWHEEL BEARING TOOL KITBAUM FUEL INJECTOR ANDBAUM CRANKSHAFT Used to set up and hold the camshaftsUsed to remove and install wheel bearingsRAIL PIN SLIDE HAMMERSEAL TOOL KITPULLEY TOOL KIT during timing chain replacement onwhile the wheel hub is still on the car. WorksTOOL SETHigh pressure fuel injector remover andVibration damper assembly tool for 1.8T Mercedes 271.948 engines. on vehicles with bearings 55 mm to 100 mm.Used to remove the timing chain guide railcombustion chamber seal installation kit forand 2.0T TFSI engines. Kit contains B271-0140$362.67 For Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini,pins on Mercedes 102, 103, 104, 110, 111,VW/Audi 2.0L (AXX, BPY, BPG, CBFA, CCTA,counterhold tool, tensioning pins, turning Porsche, Volkswagen &Volvo. 116, 117, 119, 120, 272, 275, 601, 602, 603,BWT, CAEB, BWA, CDMA and CCZA), 3.2Lover tool and knurled nut.B90TPLUS$369.72 606, 615, 616, 617, and 642 engines. (CALA and BKH), 3.6L (BHL and BHK), 4.2LT10531$231.90B116-2033$123.11 (BKH, BNS, CAUA, BVJ, BAR and BYH) and 5.2L (BXA and BSM).BT10133PLUS$258.19BAUM CAMSHAFTBAUM CONTROL ARM ALIGNMENT TOOL KITBUSHING TOOL KITFor setting camshaft timing on PorscheHydraulically driven. Quickly removes and installsBAUM INTERMEDIATE Boxster 2003-2008, Cayman 2006-2008,the control arm bushings in the front control armsBAUM BALL JOINT NUT SOCKETLEVER SPRING TOOL KIT 911 Carrera 2002-2008. (3-chain engines) (tension struts) with the arm still in the car. IncludesFor removing and installing control arm ball jointsUsed to remove and install the return spring for the Contains: (Qty.) (1) Camshaft Lock, (1)hydraulic ram, pads and tubes. Hydraulic pump noton Porsche 914, 912, 911. intermediate lever on the MINI N18 L4 engine.Camshaft Alignment Gauge, (1) TDCincluded. For BMW chassis E31, E32, E34, E38, E39, Locating Pin, (1) TDC Alignment Pin. E52, E53, E60, E61, E63, E64, E65, E66, E70, E71, E84,P280B$76.14 119570$384.47B9685KIT$208.17 E85, E86, E90, E91, E92 and E93.B313000PLUS$718.36BAUM CAMSHAFT ADJUSTER SOCKET Used on Mercedes 271 engines.BAUM TIMING TOOL SET271-0010 $34.12Engine timing tool set for VW/Audi 2.0L TFSI engines.Contains: (Qty.) (1) crank counter hold tool, (1) crankshaft BAUM DRIVE BELT TENSIONERBAUM AXLE SHAFT & WHEEL HUBthrust piece, (4) drift for camshaft slide pieces, (2) locking TOOL SET - A/C, ALTERNATOR,REMOVAL TOOL KITclips, (2) camshaft clips, (1) assembly tool.WATER PUMP BELTUniversal, hydraulically driven kit quickly pushes theBT40271KIT $218.61Releases tension on drive belt tensioner foraxle shaft out of the wheel hub and removes the hub.removal and installation of drive belt on MINIIncludes hydraulic ram, 4 and 5 lug adapters, and slide chassis R55, R56, R57, R58, R59, R60 and R61. hammer. Hydraulic pump not included. -Contains: (Qty.) (2) 12-Point Wrenches. B234MASTER $464.57116210$86.59BAUM SPARK PLUG BAUM CAMSHAFTSOCKET SET ALIGNMENT PLATE SET14 mm, and 16 mm, 12-Point Thin Used to hold down the camshafts whenWalled - 3/8" Drivethe valve covers are removed from theWith extended swivel heads, and rubber cylinder heads on Mercedes 157, 276,plug retainers.and 278 engines. B121220SET$56.14276-0140 $91.9729 36'