b'AGA DRIVE SHAFT HOLDER TOOLAGA DRIVE SHAFT HOLDER TOOLAGA RATCHETING TETHERAGA RATCHETING TETHER This tool is used for holding the driveshaft connec- Used to lock the drive shaft in place to keep it fromUsed to secure parts out of the way of the working area. Used to secure parts out of the way of the working area.tion nut during removal and installation procedure. turning during service. Sliding mounts allow the75-lb. max capacity, 1/8" polyester rope, 36" length. 150-lb. max capacity, 1/4" polyester rope, 60" length.83-30-0-496-959$130.38 drive shaft holder tool to \x1ft a variety of makes andContains: (Qty.) (2) Ratcheting Parts Tether. Contains: (Qty.) (1) Ratcheting Parts Tether.models. 55 9972 020 $20.00 55 9972 030 $19.9955 9991 010 $176.40AGA FUEL EXTRACTION KITAGA OIL DRAIN PLUG REMOVAL TOOL KIT Designed for BMW gasoline and diesel models.The drain plug repair tool is used to repair damaged 12mm engineAGA WHEEL LOCK REMOVAL TOOL KIT Used for removing fuel through the \x1fller neck without static electricity.oil drain plug threads on aluminum oil pans.(1) Oil cap withUsed to remove high security wheel lock with spinning ring With the special designed tip it \x1eexes and allows the hose to pushregulator, (1) Air supply hose with valve, (1) Debris shield, (1) Boringon BMW and MINI vehicles, without the need of a key and through di\x1derent angles in the \x1fller neck. (Qty.) (1) Siphon tube withtool drill bit, (1) Thread forming tap, (1) Alignment pin, (1) Re-facingleaving no damage to the wheel. (Qty.) (1) Collet, (1) Pin, (1) cap, (1) Vapor recovery hose, (1) Ground cable, (1) Siphon hose sleeve,tool.For 14-16 mm add on kit see 55 7218 010. Remover. For replacement collet tool use (Qty.) (1) 55 6946 (1) Te\x1eon tape, (1) Universal adaptors, (1) Replacement O-rings for the83-30-2-461-309 $423.02 011. For replacement spline tool use (Qty.) (1) 55 6946 012.hose tip.For replacement hose see part#: 55 7417 020. 55 6946 010 $361.2209 7417 010 $353.69AGA WINDOWSHADE SLIDER KIT (Aluminum) Replaces original equipment plastic T-sliders. AGA OIL DRAIN PLUG REMOVALAGA OIL DRAIN PLUG REMOVALContains: (Qty.) (2) Aluminum T-Sliders, (2)TOOL KIT - 14-16 mm Add on KitTOOL KIT - AGA Master Kit Aluminum Rivet Sets. The drain plug repair tool is used to repair damaged 14mm engine oilThe drain plug repair tool is used to repair damaged engine oil drain 09 6715 010 $111.06 drain plug threads on aluminum oil pans. Also use: (Qty.) (1)plug threads on(1) Oil cap with regulator, (1) Air supply hose with 83-30-2-461-309 Oil Drain Plug Removal Tool Kit. valve, (1) Debris shield, (1) 14 mm Boring tool drill bit, (1) 14 mm Contains: (Qty.) (1) Boring Tool Drill Bit, (1) Thread Forming Tap, (1)Thread forming tap, (1) 14 mm Alignment pin, (1) 14 mm Re-facing Alignment Pin, (1) Re-Facing Tool, (3) 16mm Drain Plugs. tool, (1) 16 mm Boring tool drill bit, (1) 16 mm Thread forming tap, (1) 55 7218 010 $252.88 16 mm Alignment pin, (1) 16 mm Re-facing tool.55 7218 030$590.6337 36'