b'NISSENS MAHLE ARCTICPROBMW A/C ACX2180HCOMPRESSOR Fully recover and recharge R134A in anyW/CLUTCH climatic condition. Long life pumpNISSENS 64-50-9-174-803$390.35functionality that performs a self-cleaningBMW A/C CONDENSERprocess reducing maintenance. Contains64-53-8-398-181$71.24three transducers, providing reduced64-53-8-373-004$71.24process times over dual sensor units. iOS and Android capable phone app allowing remote service session mirroring and advanced functions and automatic wireless updates for the unit ensure the latest features are available. Features an ergonomic 7 inch capacitive touch screen.Certi\x1fed for high voltage compressor service. Designed for servicing all passenger and hybrid vehicles.460 80448 00 $4,099.99NISSENS MBZ BLOWER MOTORASSEMBLY 140-830-12-08$139.85NISSENS MBZ A/C COMPRESSOR W/CLUTCH Financing Available Through 003-230-90-11MAHLE ARCTICPRO$325.43ACX2280 Fully recover and recharge R1234yf in any climatic. Long life pump performs a self-cleaning process. Automatic weighing of recovered oil. iOS & Android capable phone app allows remote service session mirroring and advanced functions. Remote support capability allows MAHLE to connect to a unit over Wi-Fi for advanced support. NISSENSVW / AUDIFeatures ergonomic 7 capacitive touchA/C COMPRESSOR WITH screen. Permanent wireless softwareCLUTCH automatically installs the latest updates. Has ability to log/monitor services1J0-820-803 N$184.13 allowing analytics for proactive reminders, refrigerant use optimization warranty reporting and more. Refrigerant identi\x1fer prevents contamination of internal cylinder refrigerant and vehicle A/C system. NISSENSLAND ROVER 460 80449 00 $5,999.99 A/C COMPRESSOR JPB500211$ 264.1816'