b'Will this crisis impact your program offering?Actually, were developing new parts as fast as ever. Justthisweek,wedidourfirstremanufacturing runs on two new electronic power steering racks.I s CRP becoming a better company in this crisis?Aerial view of CRP remanufacturing plant in Tabor City, NCCRPhasalwaysbeenaninnovativecompany,HPS remanufacturing Line in Tabor City, NCWhat were the major industry challenges fromwhich has helped us find ways to thrive in many aHow has your family responded to the changes?your perspective? crisisinthepast.Ourpivotintoautoparts,for example, was driven by a crisis when ContinentalWell, my wife and I are glad we did not downsize Byfarthebiggestchallengefortheautomotiveacquired General Tire and no longer needed CRP inourhouseyet.Wehaveafullhousewiththree aftermarketisthechangingtechnologyincars,the tire business. Crisis is a great motivator for driv- college age kids studying from home. We are very especially the electrification of everything under theingchange. Thispandemicwillleadustomakelucky to have the space.hood. numerous improvements. The most obvious so far is betterusingourtechnologytoworkeffectivelyWhat is your best tip to get through a rough Now that we are in the midst of this pandemic,remotely, both internally and with our customers. what is the #1 biggest thing that has changed inThat is just a start. There will be many others. day?your business? My favorite way to deal with stress is to exercise first thing in the morning. Then as the day progress-The biggest impact is the huge drop in sales. Oures, I find a simple deep breath or a short walk does April sales were more than 50% down. Like every- wonders.one else we also had major changes in how we oper-atephysical distancing, remote work, use of PPE,Dan, I want to thank you for being so transparent cleaning and disinfecting, no travel. andengagingtoday.Itisrefreshingtohearyour optimism about the industry we love and the future of CRP. Be well and see you soon!CRPs new state-of-the-art EPS remanufacturing facility in Conway, SCIs there one positive thing you plan to take away and / or continue as things return to the new normal?Onepositiveisthattechnologytodaymakesit possibletoreallyconnectwithpeoplewithout seeing them in person. This applies both in the work setting as well as with family and friends.We will continue to leverage the adoption of this new tech-EPS Pump Production Line in Conway, SC nology. Current CRP Headquarters in Cranbury, NJWhat are your business expectations for the coming 12 months?I think that we will keep in place many of the chang-es, but I expect sales to come back. People need their cars now more than ever, as it is an extension of their home. I think miles driven will come back up to a level, maybe 20% below normal, from the 50% below normal that it is right now.Steering Rack Test Bench All steering racks are functionally testedWatch the full interview on24'