b'BAUM BAUM CAM & VANOS TIMING KIT BAUMBAUM GLOW PLUG ELEMENTSUSPENSION AIR LINE FITTING This kit contains the necessary tools for theCAMSHAFT ALIGNMENT TOOL SETREMOVER KITSOCKET BITcamshaft timing on the BMW M60 engine and theFor setting camshaft timing on Porsche BoxsterThis kit is used to extract stuck glow plug heating10 mm - Slotted.Used to remove and install air VANOS timing on the BMW M62 engine. 2009-2016, Cayman 2009-2016, 911 Carrera 2009-2016,elements from the cylinder head (only the tip of the glowsuspension line screw \x1fttings on Mercedes 164, Contains: (Qty.) (1) Camshaft locks, (1) T.D.C. Pin,911 Turbo 2010-2016, 911 GT3 2014-2016. (MA1 engines) plug). For diesel engines with glow plug thread sizes: 8 X211, 219, and 251 chassis cars.Chain Tensioner, (1) Vanos Valve Socket. (Qty.) (1) Camshaft Adjusting Fixture, (1) Camshaft1.0 mm, 9 X 1.0 mm, 10 X 1.0 mm, and 10 X 1.25 mm. 211-0009 $28.23B112440VK$580.05 Holding Wrench, (1) Camshaft Adjusting Wrench, (1) TDCB900ELEMENT $241.16Locating Pin, (1) TDC Alignment Pin.B9772KIT $481.44BAUMBAUM ENGINE MOUNTCRANKSHAFT WRENCH - 16 MMCOUNTER HOLDER Special 16 mm wrench designed toBAUM CRANKSHAFT COUNTERTOOL remove the engine mount nuts onHOLDER TOOLUsed to hold the crankshaft when Mercedes 203, 204, 210, 211, & 221 chassisBAUM FUEL INJECTOR PULLER SET Crankshaft damper removal tool for 5.0 Jaguar andremoving and installing the crankshaft cars. Used to remove stuck fuel injectors on MercedesLand Rover engines.Also use (Qty.) (1) 303-1438bolt. For BMW N51, N52 and N54 642, and 648 engines. 642 engines require anengines and MINI N12, N14, N16 and 001-0016/2$22.14 additional adapter, # 642-0133. socket. N18 engines.B611-0033MULTI$187.96 303-1437$213.05 119280$81.51BAUM FUEL PUMPBAUM BALL JOINT TOOL KIT BAUM BRAKE BOOSTER VACUUMLOCK RING TOOLBall Joint Separator: 24mm, 27mm, 31mm Used to remove and replace the in-tank fueland 36mm.PUMP SEAL TOOL KITpump and level sensor lock ring. For BMW For removal and installation of the brake boosterF22, F23, F30, F31, F80, F34, F32, F33, F82, F83,B312240KPLUS$288.21BAUM vacuum pump cover seal, located in the front ofF36, F07, F10, F06, F12, F13, F01, F02, F04, F25 CAMSHAFT ADJUSTING DEVICEthe block next to the crankshaft seal. For BMW N54and F26 chassis. For MINI F54, F55, F56 and For setting camshaft timing on Porsche 911 Turboand N55 engines. F57 chassis.2001-2005 & 911 Turbo 2007-2009.(Qty.) (2) CamshaftB118530$268.28 161190$92.57Adjusting Devices, (4) Retaining Blocks.Also use (Qty.) (1) 9653 Camshaft Adjuster Holder, (1) 9653/1 Camshaft Holder, (1) 9401 Auxiliary Chain Tensioners.9661$872.93 BAUM A/C COUPLER BAUM SUBFRAME MOUNTREMOVERTOOL KITFor Mercedes 204, 211, 219, and Used to remove and install rear subframe to221 chassis cars.chassis mounts on BMW chassis E82, E88, E90,211-0063$72.14E91, E92 and E93.B334430$463.7730'