b'LINCOLN ASSEMBLEDLINCOLN DRUM PUMPAIR HOSE REELS Lever hand pump for non-corrosive LINCOLN Heavy-duty rubber air hoses,automotive, agricultural, and LINCOLN LIFT DRAIN PAN slotted mounting base. 5 positionindustrial \x1euids. Extended pump LIFT DRAIN PAN LINCOLN Combination used \x1euid drainadjustable outlet roller arm,body for improved clearance the top Used Coolant Drain features a greenLIFT DRAIN PAN and evacuator, combines theLINCOLN spring-powered automatic recoil. of the barrel. Removable non-drip reservoir for easy identi\x1fcation offeatures ofthe 3635 drain &Includes:Bare Hose Reel,50\'spout allows for threaded hose used coolant. For use with pump-as- Evacuator type with venturiLIFT DRAIN PAN Delivery Hose,Ball Stopconnection. Telescoping pick-up tube sist used \x1euid collection & transfervacuum system w/vacuum level3637 evacuator into single unit,Portable upright con\x1fguration usedfor 16 to 55 gallon drums. Three-tier systems, ideal for large multi-baygauge, noise reducing mu\x1cergiving the choice to collectfor collecting \x1euids under3/8" X 50\' 83753$127.54 threaded bung \x1fts standard 2" and shops. 26 gal. reservoir fromand shut-o\x1d valve with Milton\x1euids by gravity from lift-mount- lift-mounted vehicles. O\x1ders a 151/2" X 50\' 83754$159.73 1.5" drums and plastic drums utilizing high-strength, chemical resistantM-style quick connect air \x1ftting.ed vehicles or a venturi too\x1dset funnel that includes56 x 4 mm buttress threads.MBZ, BMW & VW dipstick tubeextract \x1euids directly fromremovable \x1flter screen and wide- polyethylene for lighter weight,adapters and 6 evacuation wandsreservoirs or a dipstick tube. 24mouth extension that increases the1340$41.96reduced corrosion and lower risk ofof varying \x1eexibility, diametergal. cap. 15 bowl diameter. 22 Xdiameter to 24. Adjustable 51 to damage to surrounding vehicles.22 X 43.3.and length. 6.5 ft evacuation hose76, not including extension. 24 gal. 3627$465.86 with shut-o\x1d valve and tethered3639$513.52 capacity. 15 bowl diameter. 22 X 22 drip plug. 24 gal cap. 18 X 18 XX 43.334. 3635$418.91 3637$340.24MITYVAC MV8000 AUTOMOTIVE TUNE-UP AND BRAKE BLEEDING KIT MITYVAC MV8500The original Mityvac hand vacuum pump kit used SILVERLINE ELITE AUTOMOTIVE KITby service professionals worldwide for performing MITYVAC MV6830MITYVAC MV6840The MV8500 Silverline Elite Automotive Kit delivers bothhundreds of automotive diagnostic and mechani-VACUUM BRAKE BLEEDER PRESSURE BLEED SYSTEMvacuum and pressure. The dual capability of the handcal tests and for one-person brake bleeding. Professional hydraulic brake and clutch bleedingpump combines two pumps into one.MV8000$34.99Compressed-air-operated and o\x1ders professionalsystem that includes a \x1euid dispenser with grade brake and clutch bleeding performance.manual pump and a kit containing seven masterMV8500$64.13Compact yet powerful unit bleeds up to 2 quarts percylinder adapters.minute, and its simple operation allows clean, quick bleeding of brake and clutch lines.MV6840$288.75MV6830$133.69 MITYVAC MV7201MITYVAC MV7300 FLUID EVACUATOR PLUS PNEUMATIVAC. Ideal for draining tanks or reservoirs thenOperates on compressed air to create a pumping the used \x1euid back out for easypowerful venturi vacuum for draining \x1euids disposal. For superior mobility it utilizes afrom tanks and reservoirs. Compressed air manual pump, so compressed air orhose attaches at base for stability. Includes electricity is not required. Accessories areaccessories for draining engine oil or included for draining engine oil ortransmission \x1euid directly through the transmission \x1euid directly through thedipstick tubes. Also includes brake/clutch dipstick tubes.2.3 gallon reservoirbleeding kit for vacuum bleeding hydraulic capacity. 24 X 12.4 X 9.3 inch.brake and clutch systems. 2.3 gal reservoir MV7201$100.51 capacity. 24 X 12.4 X 9.3 inch.MV7300$110.9615 40'