b"SHOP FOCUS:M ServiceWalnut Creek, CAFrom Clean Up Kid To Business Owner and Community Supporter As a young man, Dante Paulazzo was car-crazy andwantedajobsohecouldearnenough money to buy his own car. His irst job was as a shop cleanup kid and during this time he jumpedat an opportunity to become a technician with a company called H Beck. Before long Dante ended up being the lead tech and shop manager there, with a silent partner behind the scenes. At that time, most of the business was strictly BMW, and the shop was struggling.Fortunately for all, Dante's tenacity helped him build H Beck to 5 technicians at which point he changed the name to M Service. Being an incredi-blydrivenindividual,Dantesoonwantedhis own shop and grew impatient.He gave his part-ner an ultimatum; the partner then told him to spendoneyearandIFDanteprovedthathe couldmakethebusinesssuccessfulthenthey would become equal partners.By the end of the year it was clear M Service was gaining tremen-dous momentum and a strong partnership was born. Once a partner, together with his wife and busi-nesspartnerJackie,Dantedecidedthatthe primary focus for the Walnut Creek, CA-based M Servicewouldbecreatingacustomerexperi-encesoincrediblethatitwouldrivalNord-strom's.After all, Service is part of their nameTo achieve this standard Jackie and Dante set a marker for their entire team;always listen to the customer and be empowered to resolve issues as soon as they are presented.But, as a former NASA/SCCA racer, master tech- Walnut Creek is nestled to the east of the San Francisco nician, and long-time Euro car aicionado, DanteBay Area at the foot of Mount Diablo. Its sprawling has gained a great depth of knowledge and exper- landscapes, warm weather, upscale dining, posh shopping tise.He realized that he needed to igure out a waydistrict and local winery, make Walnut Creek a suburban to communicate his knowledge with customersoasis with urban lair.in an uncomplicated manner so that they could"