b'AGA ENGINE COMPARTMENT TOOL TRAY Allows tools to be placed in theAGAAGA engine compartment. Made fromTORQUE WRENCH ADAPTERBRAKE FLUID RESERVOIR CAPheavy duty 18 gauge 304 stainless steelTorque adapter allows use of a standardDesigned for use with the AGA brake pressure with formed edges. The tray has legs that cantorque wrench or breaker bar when usingbleeder. Fits most European applications.be reversed as hooks, making it usable ina Stahlwille 18mm x 14mm wrench. 55 1728 010 $33.15almost all applications. When using this adapter the torque 55 9980 010$156.93 applied is multiplied by a factor ofAGA BRAKE PRESSURE BLEEDER1.2.hooks, making it usable in almost all2.5 Liter brake pressure bleeder with built in applications. pressure regulator designed to work with shop air 55 9998 110$120.40 or portable co2 tank.AGA ENGINE55 0867 020 $242.06CYLINDER HEAD WORK STANDAGA Designed to prevent damages that occur when working onBRAKE FLUID CATCH CAN cylinder heads on surfaces suchDesigned for use with the AGA brake as workbenches, the cylinderpressure bleeder. Features clear bottle head stand will \x1ft almost anywith hook for easy use in almost any application due to the taperedlocation.leads. Built in stop pin made for55 9975 020 $13.11working on V8s with large head bolt holes. Made of 6061 billet aluminum.55 8137 010 $73.73 AGA TRANSMISSION JACK HEADUniversal transmission jack head that will \x1ft most transmission jacks and lift tables with jack head adapters. Features a tilting function for removing and installing with ease. Jack head includes 1/4" ratcheting tether.55 9972 100 $549.00AGA BMW VALVE STEM SEAL INSTALLER For BMW N62 and N63TU V8 engines. Steel installation sleeve streamlines the process of installing valve stem seals. Takes the place of the traditional plastic sleeves that can only be used once and can be di\x1ccult to work with. Magnetic, making it easy to retrieve should it be accidentally dropped in AGA EXHAUST RATTLE REPAIR KIT the engine.Used to repair the exhaust rattle caused by a loose exhaust butter\x1ey valve09 8496 010$16.71 AGA AUTO TRANS FILL PLUG without having to replace the mu\x1der. Includes a silicon bronze housingSOCKETthat supports the exhaust butter\x1ey valve shaft with an internal spring thatT55 Inside TORX - 17 mm Drive. Used to applies pressure on the shaft, eliminating the rattle noise. In addition,remove and replace the auto trans \x1fll there is a spring loaded stainless steel clip that provides a small amount ofplug. For MINI R52, R53, R55, R56, R57, R58, tension between the actuator arm and exhaust valve arm; this eliminatesR59, R60 and R61 chassis with 6-speed any rattle from the loose/worn arm. AGA 8HP TRANSMISSIONautomatic transmission.09 9985 010 $110.50 PARK RELEASE TOOLSmall in size and also registers on the Used to unlock parking lock on 8HP transmissions withoutouter diameter of the plug, making it screw in bolt release. simple to reach the plug.83-30-5-A0B-522$384.52 26 9976 010$54.7932'