b'HAZET BRAKE CALIPER HAZETPISTON TOOLHAZETBODY CLIPFor damage free resetting AXLE NUT SOCKET REMOVAL TOOL of brake caliper pistons. 30 mm Impact, 12-Point - 1/2"Removes clamp washersSuitable for all brake Drive. 50 mm length. on under\x1foor panels andcalipers without 900SZ-30$18.17 heat shields. integrated parking brake. 2534-1$14.80 4971-1$142.81HAZET HAZETALTERNATOR PULLEY TOOL KITAIR BLOW GUN Used to test, remove, and install overrunning For sucking up dirt into the collection bag as well as(freewheel) alternator pulleys.blowing surfaces clean. One-hand reversing switch.4641/2$49.07Metal housing.9043N-10$85.30HAZET ENGINE OILHAZET ENGINE OILHAZET ENGINE OIL HAZETFILTER WRENCH FILTER WRENCH FILTER WRENCHBUMPERHAZET CYLINDER HEAD74.4 mm, 14-Point - 3/8" or 27 mm Drive 86 mm, 16-Point - 1/2" or 24 mm Drive92 mm, 15-Point - 1/2" or 27 mm SOCKET WRENCH BOLT SOCKET - POLYDRIVE 2169$23.73 2169-6$29.22 Drive Special tool for rear bumper screws.For Mercedes 112, 113 & 137 engines, Saab V62169-1$29.63Enables controlled tightening withengines &VW/Audi engines.recommended manufacturer torque values.2579-9$27.87For MBZ 204 chassis cars, Audi A3, A4 from 2001, A6 from 2005 & TT from 2007.2797-1$19.95 HAZET HOSEHAZET TIRE CLAMP PLIERSINFLATORTo remove and installW/ PRESSURE three-ended spring typeGAUGE hose clamps. Designed to be used with 798-14 $51.49 compressed air. Handle with lever and air release button. 400 mm \x1fexible hose / integrated nipple. HAZET9041D-1$99.17HEX KEY SET 9 piece hex key set. Nickel platedHAZET FENDER COVER with ball head & extra long design. Protects vehicle fenders from scratches, dents, oil 2105LG/9H$50.55 and dirt during service and repair. Magnetic attachment (6 magnets).196N-1$51.94HAZET RATCHET WRENCH1/2" DRIVE HIGH PERFORMANCE 2-component handle for optimum handling. Small operating angle enables betterHAZET use in tight spaces. Special heat treatment forRATCHET WRENCHhigh-strength teeth and extremely sturdy. 3/8" DRIVE - FINE TOOTH.Solid steel. Large overhead loweredHAZETHAZET 916 HP$59.21 reverse button. 72 teeth, degree increments enablesPNEUMATIC IMPACT WRENCH PNEUMATIC IMPACT WRENCHoperation of extremely tight \x1ettings. Induction-hardened/2" Drive. Compact construction, only 113 mm,1/2" Drive. Ergonomically designed handle internal gear ensures long service life. Non-slip 2-componentenables working in areas with restricted access.and casing for improved handling and handle. Chrome \x1enish. Cold insulated handle. Jumbo hammer strikingoperation. Interior parts heat treated to 8816-1$64.63 mechanism. Air exhaust through the handleminimize wear.downwards.9012SPC$155.069012M$184.6017 40'