b'BAUM AUTO TRANS SHIFTBAUM BRAKE CALIPERBAUM CAMSHAFT HOLDING TOOLBAUM CAMSHAFT LINKAGE BUSHING PLIERSPISTON TOOL Used to hold the left intake camshaft in placeALIGNMENT PLATE SET Used to install the nylon transmission shiftBrake Piston press used during service ofduring timing chain removal and installation onUsed to time Mercedes 156 engines.linkage bushing on Mercedes Benz cars. disc brakes. Mercedes 272 & 273 engines. B156-0061KIT$321.47B7200$47.83 1023/4$97.77 B272/273CAM$55.10BAUMBAUMBAUMBAUM CRANKSHAFT SEAL TOOL SETENGINE BLOCK HOLDING TOOLENGINE MOUNT WRENCH ENGINE MOUNT WRENCHFor removel and installation of the front and rearUse to hold the block in the engine bay whenSpecial 16 mm wrench designed toSpecial 17 mm wrench designed to crankshaft seal on the BMW N40, N42, N45, N45T,replacing the timing belt on the Mini R55, R56remove the engine mount nuts onremove the engine mount nuts on N46, N46T, N52, N52K, N53, N54 and N55 engines. and R57 chassis with N12, N14 &N18 engines. Mercedes 203, 204, 210, 211, & 221Mercedes 203, 204, 210, 211, & 221 B119220PLUSX$441.52 119630$60.83 chassis cars. chassis cars.001-0016/2$21.81 001-0016/9 $21.95BAUM ENGINE OILBAUM FEELER GAUGE FORBAUM FEELER GAUGE BLADEBAUM FUEL INJECTOR TOOL DIPSTICK (TOOL)VALVE ADJUSTMENT (.004)SET FOR VALVE ADJUSTMENT Used to remove injectors on Jaguar and Use to measure oil level and check lengthFor adjusting valve clearance on Porsche(5 pack/.004)For adjusting valve clearance onLand Rover 3.0L and 5.0L gasoline of oil dipstick guide pipe. Use and911 1965-1994. Porsche 911 1965-1994. engines.remove, do not leave in the vehicle. 000-721-213-20 $10.92 000-721-213-30 $14.08 JLR0197 $102.59120-589-07-21 00$36.62BAUM FUELBAUMINJECTOR FUEL INJECTOR TOOL REMOVER TOOL Used to remove and install the fuelADAPTER injectors on BMW N55 engines.For Mercedes 642 engines. Only for fuel injectors with bottomUsed in conjunction withBAUM hold-down. puller set # B611-0033MULTI. BAUM CONTROL ARMFUEL INJECTOR PULLER SET 130270$149.43 642-0133$57.62 BUSHING TOOL KITUsed to remove stuck fuel injectors on To remove and install the rear axle carrier mountMercedes 642, and 648 engines. 642 engines bushing on Mercedes 124, 129, 140, 170, 171, 201,require an additional adapter, # 642-0133.202, 203, 208, 209, 210, 215, & 220 chassis. B611-0033MULTI $187.96B202-0043$181.7643 36'