b'AST COOLINGAST COOLINGAST COOLINGAST COOLING SYSTEM TESTERSYSTEM TESTERSYSTEM TESTERSYSTEM TESTER ADAPTERADAPTERADAPTERADAPTER (Tank Adapter)Used for(Tank Adapter)Used for(Tank Adapter)Used for(Tank Adapter)Used for pressurizing the coolingpressurizing the coolingpressurizing the coolingpressurizing the cooling system. With female 47 X 3system for Audi and VW. system. With female 51 X 4system. The adapter has mm threads. For use withFZ 41$52.40 mm buttress threads. For usefemale 46 X 2.5 mm BMW, Land Rover, MINI,with BMW and Land Rover. Buttress Threads.Saab and Volvo. BMW 345$51.66 For Dodge and Mercedes FZ 25$36.87 Sprinter models.FZ 55$51.70AST BMWAST BMW CYLINDERAST AUDI / PORSCHE FAN CLUTCH WRENCHHEAD BOLT SOCKET ENGINE OIL DIPSTICK (Tool) 32 mmT60 Inside TORX - 1/2" Drive.For BMW N51, N52, N54Use and remove, do not leave in the vehicle.Used to remove and replace the fanand N55 L6 engines. 195 mm total length. AU 40178$58.06clutch. 380 mm length. BMW 11860$40.738032$28.47AST BMW DRIVE BELTAST ENGINE OILAST ENGINE OILAST MAGNETIC INSTALLATION TOOLFILLER FUNNEL FILLER FUNNEL FLASHLIGHT MOUNT AST MBZ DRIVE LINE For use with the self-tensioning, stretch1/4 Turn.Engine oil \x1fller funnel designed1/4 Turn.Engine oil \x1fller funnelUsed to mount a \x1eashlightFLUID FILLER - 8 Liter type A/C compressor belt on the BMW E70to attach and seal to the valve cover. Fordesigned to attach and seal to theduring service and repair.Used to \x1fll transmissions, di\x1derentials X5 N52 engine with Adaptive Drive ormultiple Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche,valve cover. For Audi & VW. Magnetic base with 9.5 inch& transfer cases for MBZ vehicles with a 4-Zone Automatic Climate Control. VW, and Volvo applications. \x1eexible cable. Nylon injection722.9 automatic transmission, using a OFVW2013$50.66 molded clamp holds \x1eashlights .512X1.5mmadapter,and725automatic BMW 124052$141.00 OFAUD1000$55.57 to 1.5 inch diameter. Stouttransmissions. Hand pump dispenses e\x1cciently. construction. On/o\x1d ball valve. 4 ft. 10 hose length. Contains: WSFLCPLUS$35.00 (Qty.) (1) Pump, (1) Container, (1) Hose, (1) On/O\x1d Ball Valve, and Quick Attachment Adapters.Not suitable for fuels or solvents.ATF MB19$201.49AST FILTER WRENCH - 7 PC SETContains: (Qty.) (1) 27 mm 6-Point 3/8" or 22 mm Drive, (1) 32 mm 6-Point 3/8" or 22 mm Drive, (1) 36 mm 6-Point 3/8" or 22 mm Drive, (1) 74.5 mm 14-Point 3/8" or 22 mm Drive, (1) 74 mm 14-Point 22 mm Drive, (1) 84 mm 14-Point 22 mm Drive, (1) 86 mm 16-Point 22 mm Drive.2101$97.34AST BMW / MINI /AST BMW / MINI / SAAB /AST MBZ / PORSCHE SAAB PORSCHE / VOLVO ENGINEENGINE OIL FILTER ENGINE OIL FILTEROIL FILTER WRENCH WRENCHWRENCH 32/36 mm, 6-Point - 3/8" Drive Double74.5 mm 14-Point 3/8" or 22 mm Drive 32 mm, 6-Point - 3/8" Drivesided 32 mm and 36 mm. 2175$18.662132$20.00 23236$27.8621 24'