b'HAZET T30 INSIDETORX SCREWDRIVERHAZETHAZET Ergonomic 2-component T-handle. Chrome \x1fnish with burnished tip. 290 mm blade length. 316 mmSCREWDRIVER SET HAZET14 MM ALLEN - 1/2" DRIVE total length. 6 PIECE SHOP TOOL BOX DRAWER LINER 40 mm total length. 14 mm blade length.828LG-T30$21.65 Contains: (Qty.) (4) Slotted Screwdrivers,Anti-slipping drawer liner for use with 179, 180 tool985-14 $14.40(2) Phillips Screwdrivers. boxes and 179W workbenches.810/6$17.48 Dimensions: 529 mm width, 394 mm length.180-38 $18.16HAZET SOCKET - 5 MM ALLEN - 1/4"HAZET DRIVE SOCKET DRIVER 28 mm total length. 6.5WITH FLEXIBLE SHAFTmm blade length.10 mm wrench size. 300 mm total Titanium nitride (TiN)length. 190 mm shaft length.coated. 426-10$40.60 HAZET STUD REMOVER8501-5$7.10 8 MM - 1/2" DRIVE HAZET SOCKET SETFor installing and removing studs with right-hand or Extra short design, suitable for short impact wrenches.left-hand thread without damage.Contains: (Qty) (1) 13mm 6-point socket, (1) 17mm 6-point844-8$44.54HAZETsocket, (1) 19mm 6-point socket, (1) 21mm 6-point socket.TIRE INFLATOR W/900SK/4$37.85PRESSURE GAUGE Designed to be used with compressed air. Handle with lever and air release button. 400 mm \x1eexible hose with integrated nipple. RubberHAZET coating protects gauge fromUTILITY KNIFElight impacts. Comfortable handle. Features quickHAZET 9041-1$37.08 blade changing, blade magazineWHEEL LUG BOLT SOCKETwith safety lock &thumb cushion. HAZET WHEEL LUG BOLT /17 mm Impact, "Flower Shaped" - 1/2" Drive. For Includes: (Qty.) (5) Blades. chrome serrated-head wheel lug bolts. Includes 2157-1$26.66 NUT SOCKET SET plastic sleeve to protect the surface around wheel 17 mm Impact, 6-Point - 1/2" Drive. Withplasticlug bolts.sleeve to protect the surface around lug bolts/nuts. 905SLG-17$16.15903SLG-17/3$46.47HAZET WINDSHIELD WASHER NOZZLE ADJUSTING TOOLHAZET For adjusting windshield washer nozzles. Coated, telescopic tool shows the water beam direction. METAL TOOL BOX4850-1$11.32 5 sections with padlock. Sturdy fold-out design.HAZET Enameled blue and black color. TOOL BOX WITH TOOL ASSORTMENT HAZET190L$67.25 7 DRAWER TOOL TROLLEYIncludes 340 piece tool assortment. Large wheels with high 4 section collapsible, with rubber mat table boardload capacity and precision ball bearings. 2 swivel castors on top section. 4 rubber castors, 2 that swivel withwith double stop locks, 2 \x1fxed castors. Gray non-marking locks. Lockable with padlock (not included). elastic tires. Ergonomically arranged side lock position for 166N$716.46 better operability, protects keys and lock against damage.166C$833.31 179NXXL-7/340$3,723.4418'