b'clearly understand what repairs were needed and why. While this sounds easy enough, we all can struggleexplaining detailed issues in a non-tech- Despite M Services name\'s BMW M Car nical way. origins, M Service works on most European TotacklethischallengeDantedidsomethingmakes (although the day we visited a unique, especially as a new business owner stillpristine 1980 BMW M1 with 22k original scratchingtomakeMServicesuccessful,hemiles was in the for service.)hired a business coach. During this process Dante learnedsomeimportantapproachestodoing business; educating customers, face-to-face inter- Dante and Service Manager Scott Popeaction skills, and how build a top quality team that could turn daily challenges into opportunities for success. These lessens have deinitely paid off for M Service as this recent customer review relays: "After rough experiences with BMWs own service folks, I wish I could have had M Service from the beginning. I really appreciate the time and patience they take in walking me through not just the WHAT but the WHY of the work they recommend. I feel my car is in the best hands here." \x1f\x1e\x1d\x1c\x1b\x1a\x19\x18\x17\x16\x15\x14\x13\x12coach and what they focused o nto drive proits.)The BMW M1 was the irst mid-engined (Watch our video interview for details on Dante\'s business Dante also credits part of the success of his shopBMW to be mass produced.Only 453 toitsmembershipintheBIMRSgroup.Asaproduction cars were built, making it member, M Service takes full advantage of BIMRSone of BMW\'s rarest models. Out of the 50-stateprofessionalnetworkandtechnical453, 399 were road going units while industry updates.The shop is also a member of53 were made for motorsport.This theBoschCarServiceprogramthatoffersabeauty is Number 236.nationwide warranty; a feature that adds a realAs with all successful businesses, it takes a talented team and a value Dantes customers appreciate.team effort.Heres a shout out to the M Service team.In the middle of a global pandemic, social unrest and an economic downturn you would think that thesefactorswouldbeheavilyimpactingM Service.WhilethishasrequiredDanteandhis team to adopt new practices, the larger ongoing challengeremainsindingandkeepingtop-tier technicians.One of Dantes keys to doing this was to institute a 5-year apprentice program; starting folksoffasashopcleaner,toshuttledriver,to technicianandbeyond.Dantediscussesteam building in more detail in our video interview. Tracking the inancial health of the business is a continual focus for Dante and he shares the tools he uses as well as the key metrics he pays atten- Behind the masksLeft to Right:Scott Pope -Service Manager,Luke Dessange - Shuttle Driver,Ken Sanderson - Parts tiontointheexpandedvideointerviewofourManager,Nick Mann - Technician,Dante Paulazzo - Owner,Jackie Paulazzo - Ofice Manager,Brantan Jahner - Shop time together. Dante also opines about the chal- Foreman,Tony Simpkins - Technician. (Not Pictured: Ronin Olmsted - Shuttle Driver)lenges of attracting a younger customer base and how social media must play a role.'