b'AGA RATCHETING TETHER SET Used to secure parts out of the way of theAGA working area. 75-lb. maxRATCHETING capacity, 1/8" polyesterTETHER rope, 36" length.Used to secure Contains: (Qty.) (2)parts out of the Ratcheting Parts Tether. way of the working 55 9972 020 area.150-lb. maxAGA BMW PIVOT$20.00 capacity, 1/4" polyesterPIN - CLUTCH FORK LEVERrope, 60" length. Contains:This brand is silicon bronze material.(Qty.) (1) Ratcheting Parts Tether. 21-51-1-223-328$29.0055 9972 030$19.99 AGA BMW / MINI WHEEL LOCKAGA BMW CAMSHAFT REMOVAL TOOL KIT ALIGNMENT TOOL SET To remove high security wheel lock withFor setting camshaft timing on the BMW spinning ring on BMW & MINI without need ofN63 V8 engine.a key /leaving no damage to wheel.09 9511 010$533.0955 6946 010$361.22AGAAGA DRIVE SHAFT HOLDER TOOLDRIVE SHAFT HOLDER TOOL Used to lock the drive shaft in place to keep itThis tool is used for holding the driveshaftAGA PORSCHE from turning during service. Sliding mountsconnection nut during removal and allow the drive shaft holder tool to \x1ft a varietyinstallation procedure. TRANSMISSION MOUNT TOOL of makes and models. 83-30-0-496-959$130.38 For transmission mount replacement without 55 9991 010$176.40 removing the transmission on Porsche 996/997AGABMW Carrera 1999-2008. Includes: Removal/Installation Mandrel,OIL DRAIN PLUG REMOVAL TOOL KIT Cylinder, Cylinder Cap, Compression Rods, Hardware. The drain plug repair tool is used to repair damaged 10 4886 090$279.06 12mm engine oil drain plug threads on aluminum oil pans. Contains: (1) Oil cap with regulator, (1) Air supply hose with valve, (1) Debris shield, (1) Boring tool drill bit, (1) Thread forming tap, (1) Alignment pin, (1) Re-facing tool.83-30-2-461-309 $423.02AGA INSIDE DOOR PANEL LEVER REPAIR KITVersion 2.This kit has an aluminum bracket that replaces the original plastic inner door panel lever, which is not available from theAGA AUTOMATIC vehicle manufacturer, saving the expense ofAGATRANSMISSION SUPPORT ADAPTER replacing the door panel itself. This is anOIL DRAIN PLUG updated kit that repairs the lever regardless ofAGA LIFT TABLE Made speci\x1fcally for the ZF 8HP transmission. The where the lever is broken. Can accommodate engines, transmissions, subframes,REMOVAL TOOL KIT AGA Transmission Adaptor lifts the transmission by electric car battery packs, fuel tanks, etc. Elevates from14-16 mm Add on Kit.The drain plug repair tool isthe aluminum casing not the from the plastic \x1flter 22 8425 016$115.15 18.5" to 68.5". Dual speed pump assembly. Includes aused to repair damaged 14mm engine oil drainpan. Designed to work with most transmission jacks. complete set of \x1fxtures, transmission head adapter, andplug threads on aluminum oil pans. Constructed from steel. Made in the USA.table placement guide/plumb bob. Adjustable 5 position55 7218 010$252.88 09 3311 010$260.39locking handle. Remote lowering control. 1,500 lb weight capacity. Compact design is only 57" X 29".55 5453 010$4,725.4531 36'