b'WHEEL WEIGHT REMOVER SET For disassembling adhesive weights on aluminum wheels, or removing adhesives.V2512 $26.20VIGOR D OOR PANEL REMOVAL TOOL3 Piece.For removing metal and plastic door panel clips.VIGORV4885 $47.47VIGORPIPE STOPPER SET SCREWDRIVER BIT SET Used to seal \x1fexible pipelines and VIGOR TURBORCHARGERhoses. VIGOR SOCKET SET PRESSURE TEST KIT(Qty.) (1) Reversible Ratchet, (1) T10, (1) T15,172 Piece Set.3 \x1ene toothed ratchets and an For quick diagnosis of the charge air system.(1) T20, (1) T25, (1) T27, (1) T30, (1) T40, (1)V3381 $26.78 assortment of bits and sockets in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" sizes.T10H, (1) T15H, (1) T20H, (1) T25H, (1) T27H, V4304 $259.29 (1) T30H, (1) T40H, (4) Allen key bits 3-6 mm,V2461N $118.85(4) Slotted 4-8 mm, (4) Pozidrivs, (4) Phillips.V5502 $25.23VIGOR MULTIVIGOR RADIO REMOVAL TOOL KITVIGOR PURPOSE FUNNEL8 Piece Kit. Includes the tools needed to remove theHOOK & PICK TOOL SETSuitable for all common \x1fuids.radio from the dash on most Audi, BMW, MBZ, Porsche & Ideal for removing and inserting o-rings & gaskets.Self-clamping features.VW models. V5045 $29.57Includes stainless steel \x1elter. V4280 $37.72TORX SCREWDRIVER BITVIGOR MAGNETICV4648 $44.97EXTENSION PICKUP TOOL WITH CLAW 3/8" Drive.TORX inserts in 48 mm, 93With permanent magnet, \x1fexible shaft, mm, 133 mm &193 mm lengths.deployable claw and ergonomic handle.V6017 $82.43 V1764 $14.65VIGOR MINI RATCHET or use with screwdriver VIGORbits and 1/4 inch drive DOOR PANELsockets.REMOVAL TOOLV2941 $15.72For removing door panel clips. With protective coating.Length: 165 mm. VIGORSOCKET SETV4310N$13.63 3/8" DRIVE SUPER FLATSolid steel reversible ratchet with ergonomic handle. Short inserts enable work in tight spaces.Cotains: MAGNETIC PICKUP TOOL(Qty.) (1) Ratchet, (1) 3/8" adapter, (1) universal joint, With permanent magnet, telescopic(1) 75 mm extension, (1) 150 mm extension, (13) shaft and ergonomic \x1fexible shaft. socket wrench insert 8-22 mm.VIGORVIGOR TORX645 mm extended length.V6202 $87.20COOLING SYSTEM TESTERSOCKET SET 1600 gram lifting capacity.Complete cooling system diagnostic with1/2" Drive (1) T30, (1) T40, (1) T45, (1)V1741$9.21extensive adapter selection suitable for allT50, (1) T55, (1) T60, (1) T70, (1) T80.common vehicles.V7017 $62.43V1963N $418.81VIGOR FLASHLIGHT VIGOR Compact design with shockVIGOR ENGINE OIL FILLER resistant aluminum housing,FUNNEL ADAPTER SETDENT REMOVAL VIGOR adjustable head for focusing,For easy \x1elling of engine oil. AngleTOOLMAGNETIC PARTS TRAY .belt clip, and a 3 watt LED. extension enables simple \x1elling in narrowPractical one-hand lever operation. V5677 $13.48V4969 $12.60 areas.V5531 $17.70V6027 $179.9025 2'