b"Settle The Score.Preventative measures for Boxter, Cayman, and 911 aluminum cylinders.By LN EngineeringMODERN ENGINES laterpolymerpistoncoatingfailsortherearethe piston rings. Those contaminants can then be insu\x1fcient exposed silicon particles on the facespreadthroughouttoallthelubricated containalargenumberofcomponentsmadeof the aluminum cylinder bore to support oil \x1elmcomponents in your Porsche's engine, eventually fromaluminumandinamodernwatercooledformation, there will be accelerated wear on theleading to catastrophic damage in the worst case Porscheengine,thisincludesthepistonsandpistons,rings,andthecylinderwalls.Asthescenario.cylinders. Aluminum is lightweight and versatile,pistonsandringsmoveupanddowntheThequestionis,howcanyoupreventbore butithasitslimitations.Fordecades,Porschecylinder, wear debris will be dragged through thescoring from happening to your Porsche Boxster, usedadurableNikasilplatingforthewearbore, causing cylinder bore scoring. Cayman, or 911 engine? We've put together a few surface of the aluminum cylinders, but in Boxster,Considerthatforanenginethathastraveledstepsyoucantaketoprolongbetterengine Cayman, and 911 engines, Porsche chose to use60,000 miles, each piston has gone up and downperformanceandtoavoidborescoring. Thisis the Lokasil and later Alusil casting processes thatover300milliontimesonaverage,leadingtoespeciallyimportantduringaPPIorpriorto utilizeahypereutectic(highsiliconcontent)serious damage and, potentially, eventual enginecarrying out extensive engine work like replacing aluminum.Forthisreason,overtime,thesefailure if the required preventative maintenancethe IMS bearing.Porscheenginesmayexperiencecylinderborehas not been carried out. The reason that takingBorescoping cylindersFirst, have the cylinders scoring which is of greater concern than the IMSthe steps to prevent Porsche bore scoring is soscoped for bore scoring as it is an excellent idea bearing these days (more on this later). important is that it can have extremely negativetoknowtheconditionofthecylinderbores Porsche cylinder bore scoring occurs in enginesimpactsonacar'sperformanceandenginebefore buying or working on the car. Remember, with Lokasil and Alusil engine blocks when therelongevity. As the scoring worsens, the cylindersscoring starts at BDC, so its best practice to drop isabreakdownoftheAluminum-Silicon(Al-Si)willlosetheirringseal,andharmfulthe sump plate and inspect each bore with the cylinder system. When the required iron-clad orcontaminants will enter your oil as they bypasspiston at TDC through the sump.21 8"