b'HAZET SOCKET EXTENSIONHAZETChrome \x1fnish, polished heads.SCREWDRIVER SET 868 $18.386 PIECEContains: (Qty.) (4) Slotted Screwdrivers, (2) Phillips Screwdrivers.810/6$28.19HAZET TOOL GLOW PLUG SOCKET WITH UNIVERSAL JOINT8 MM - 3/8" DRIVE4760-2$57.00HAZET TOOL BOX DRAWERHAZET RATCHETLINER WRENCHAnti-slipping drawer liner for use with 179, 1801/4" DRIVEtool boxes and 179W workbenches. 2-component handle for optimum Dimensions: 529 mm width, 394 mm length. handling. Polished chrome \x1fnish.180-38$18.78 115 mm length. 20 teeth ratchet wheel.863P $50.19HAZET RATCHET WRENCH 3/8" DRIVE - FINE TOOTHHAZETSolid steel. Large overhead lowered AIR BLOW GUN reverse button. 72 teeth, 5 degree Aluminum housing with air supply at toolincrements enables operation of head or handle, pressure regulator andextremely tight \x1fttings. exchangeable nozzles. Includes short andInduction-hardened internal gear long nozzles. Includes a 7.2 mm male quickensures long service life. Non-slip connect air hose \x1ftting. 2-component handle. Polished chrome \x1fnish.9040-4 $27.31 186 mm length. 72 teeth ratchet wheel.8816-1 $67.96HAZET TOOL SCREWDRIVER PHILLIPS # 2HAZETErgonomic 3-component handle for high power transmission. Chrome plated blade CLAMP WASHERwith burnished tip.TOOL100 mm blade length. 214 mm total Removes clamp washers onlength.under\x1eoor panels and heat802-PH2 $14.82shields.2534-1$17.28HAZETHAZET SPARK PLUG SOCKETWHEEL LUG BOLT / NUT SOCKET 21 MM, 6-POINT - 3/8" DRIVE 17 MM IMPACT, 6-POINT - 1/2" DRIVE 880MGT $23.73Includes plastic sleeve to protect the surface around wheel lug bolts/nuts. 85 mm length.903SLG-17 $18.0739 6'