b'AGAAGA FUEL PORT CAP SETS AGA RATCHETING TETHER AGA ENGINE OIL DRAIN TOOLTORQUE WRENCH ADAPTER Used to keep fuel system clean and free of debris when doingUsed to secure parts out of the way of the working area. Part of the AGA Clean Oil Series. Compact and easy to Torque adapter allows use of a standard torquerepairs. Made from \x1eexible yet durable material that grips tightly75-lb. max capacity, 1/8" polyester rope, 36" length. use drain tool for use exclusively with the AGA Clean wrench or breaker bar when using a Stahlwillearound fuel ports. Includes 4 caps. Contains: (Qty.) (2) Ratcheting Parts Tether. Oil Series drain plugs. When attached to a vacuum 18mm x 14mm wrench. 55 8129 010$4.67 55 9972 02075lb max-1/8" polyester rope$19.99 pump system this tool opens the valve in the drain When using this adapter the torque applied isplug allowing the oil to be evacuated quickly and multiplied by a factor of 1.2. 55 9972 030150lb max-1/4" polyester rope$19.99 reduce the risk of oil spills.For AGA Clean Oil Series Vacuum Pump see part 55 9998 110 $120.40 number 55 8903 010.For AGA Clean Oil Drain Coupling see part number 55 2748 010.55 9973 010$233.44AGA INTAKE MANIFOLD LEVERAGAAGAAGA VALVE KEEPER Made of 6061 billet aluminum, this lever replacesENGINE OIL CATCH CAN KITBRAKE FLUID CATCH CANTOOLthe original plastic lever, which is not available as aThis captures excess oil from removing the oil \x1flterDesigned for use with the AGA brake pressureUsed to easily install valve keepers spare part from the car manufacturer. cover cap on BMW B58 engines.Contains: (Qty.) (1)bleeder. Features clear bottle with hook for easy useon intake/exhaust valves. For most Detailed installation instructions are also included. Oil Catch Canister, (1) Syringe. in almost any location.For Brake Pressure Bleederengines with 6 mm intake/exhaust see part# 55 0867 020. valve stems, except the BMW N62 55 8982 212$126.04 83-30-5-A3B-354 $64.40 and N63 V8 engines.55 9975 020$16.55 55 9978 030 $118.31AGA8 HP TRANSMISSION PARK RELEASE TOOL Used to unlock the parking brake on a BMW with a 8HP transmissions.83-30-5-A0B-522$384.52AGA OIL DRAIN PLUGAGA OIL DRAIN PLUG REMOVAL TOOL KITREMOVAL TOOL KITThe drain plug repair tool is used to repair damaged 12mm The drain plug repair tool is used to repair damaged 14mmengine oil drain plug threads on aluminum oil pans.engine oil drain plug threads on aluminum oil pans. AlsoContains: (1) Oil cap with regulator, (1) Air supply hose with use: (Qty.) (1) 83-30-2-461-309 Oil Drain Plug Removal Toolvalve, (1) Debris shield, (1) Boring tool drill bit, (1) Thread Kit. Contains: (Qty.) (1) Boring Tool Drill Bit, (1) Threadforming tap, (1) Alignment pin, (1) Re-facing tool.Forming Tap, (1) Alignment Pin, (1) Re-Facing Tool, (3) 16mmFor 14-16 mm add on kit see 55 7218 010.Drain Plugs. 83-30-2-461-309$449.0055 7218 010 $252.8826'