b'HAZET MAGNETIC PARTS TRAY HAZET WHEEL LUG BOLTHAZET WHEEL LUG BOLT /HAZET KNEELING MAT150 MM DIAMETER SOCKET - 17 MM IMPACT,NUT SOCKET - 19 MM IMPACT,30 X 450 X 210 MMPlastic tray for the storage of small parts such as"FLOWER SHAPED" - 1/2" DRIVE 6-POINT - 1/2" DRIVE Made of non-absorbing, closed cell foam. Easy nuts and screws. Magnetic to attach it to toolFor chrome serrated-head wheel lug bolts. IncludesIncludes plastic sleeve to protect the surfaceto clean surface. With carrying handle.boxes, shop walls, lifts etc. plastic sleeve to protect the surface around wheelaround wheel lug bolts/nuts. 195-1 $20.65197-3$11.45 lug bolts. 86 mm length. 85 mm length.905SLG-17 $21.60 903SLG-19$18.08HAZETHAZETMULTI PURPOSEHAZET BRAKEHAZET TORX 6 PC SCREWDRIVER SETTIRE INFLATOR W/ PRESSURE GAUGEFUNNEL WITH SPOUTCALIPER CLEANINGContains: (Qty.) (1) T10 Screwdriver, (1) T15 Screwdriver, (1) T20 Designed to be used with compressed air. Handle withSuitable for all common \x1fuids. Funnel andBRUSHScrewdriver, (1) T25 Screwdriver, (1) T27 Screwdriver, (1) T30 lever and air release button. 400 mm \x1fexible hose withspout made of polypropylene. IncludesFor removal of brake dust andScrewdriver.integrated nipple. Rubber coating protects gauge fromstainless steel \x1elter.165 mm funnel diameter.dirt in brake calipers. 225 mmErgonomic 3-component handle for high power transmission. light impacts. 480 mm total length, including spout. length, narrow version. PlasticChrome plated blade with burnished tip. With foam tool box insert.9041-1$41.57 198-1$14.49 handle with suspension. 163-266/6$33.804968-2$14.47HAZET UTILITY KNIFEComfortable handle. Features quick blade changing, blade magazine with safety lock &thumb cushion.Includes: (Qty.) (5) Blades.2157-1$29.50HAZET MULTI PURPOSE MEA- HAZET ENGINE OIL FILTERHAZET ENGINE OIL FILTER SURING CONTAINER 1 LITER WRENCH - 36 MM, 6-POINT WRENCHWith pouring spout. Transparent high-density3/8" DRIVE74.4 MM, 14-POINT - 3/8" OR polyethylene material (HDPE). Not for use with2169-36$34.28 27 MM DRIVE acidic liquids. 2169 $25.92198-4$8.81HAZET CYLINDER HEAD BOLT SOCKET - POLYDRIVE37 For Mercedes 112, 113 & 137 engines, Saab V626engines &VW/Audi engines.2579-9$29.30'