b'AST FAN CLUTCH WRENCH - 32 MMAST 32 MM ENGINEUsed to remove and replace OIL FILTER SOCKET the fan clutch.380 mm length. AST BMW CAMSHAFT ALIGNMENT TOOL SETAST ENGINE OIL FILTER WRENCH SET - 7-PIECE SET32 mm 6-Point 3/8" or 22 mm8032 $29.71 For setting camshaft timing on the BMW N20 and N26 L4 engines.Contains: (Qty.) (1) 27 mm 6-Point 3/8" or 22 mm Drive, (1) 32 mm 6-Point 3/8" orDrive Also use: (Qty.) (1) 83 30 2 212 825 counterbalance shaft TDC tool.22 mm Drive, (1) 36 mm 6-Point 3/8" or 22 mm Drive, (1) 74.5 mm 14-Point 3/8" or09 9511 030$316.6222 mm Drive, (1) 74 mm 14-Point 22 mm Drive, (1) 84 mm 14-Point 22 mm Drive,2132 $20.87(1) 86 mm 16-Point 22 mm Drive.2101$103.03AST MBZ DRIVE LINEAST VW/AUDI & MINI ATF ADAPTERFLUID FILLER ADAPTER SETsed with AST drive line \x1fuid \x1ellers. For MINI R52, R53, For Mercedes 725 transmissions. Used in conjunctionR55, R56, R57, R58, R59, R60 and R61 chassis with with the ATF BASIC, Drive Line Fluid Filler. 6-speed automatic transmission and VW Tiguan ATF MB725$37.36 transmission. AST DRIVE LINE FLUID FILLER - 8 LITERAST DRIVE BELT ATF 105 $27.23 Hand pump \x1fuid \x1eller used to \x1ell transmissions, di\x1derentials and transferINSTALLATION TOOLcases for VW/Audi. For use with the self-tensioning Hand pump dispenses e\x1cciently. On/o\x1d ball valve. Container made ofstretch type A/C compressor belt on ultra high density polyethylene (UHDP). 4 ft. 10 in. hose length. the BMW N62 V8 engine.Contains: (Qty.) (1) Pump, (1) Container, (1) Hose, (1) On/O\x1d Ball Valve, (5)BMW 0062$54.42Quick Attachment Adapters.ATFVW6 $262.33AST COOLING SYSTEM TESTER ADAPTER Used for pressurizing the cooling system. With female 51 X 4 mm buttress threads. For use with BMW and Land Rover.BMW 345$56.09ASTAST FUEL INJECTOR TOOLAST COOLING SYSTEMUsed to remove and install the fuelCAMSHAFT BRIDGE TESTER ADAPTERinjectors on BMW N20, N26 and N55TIMING TOOLUsed for pressurizing the cooling system. Withengines. Only for fuel injectors with topFor setting camshaft timing on the female 52 X 3 mm buttress threads. For use withhold-down. BMW N55 L6 engine.BMW. BMW 5532 $86.69 BMW 5585$61.67BMW 350$56.705 6'