b'HAZETSLIDE HAMMERFor unscrewing screwed wheel bearings in combination with double cone wheel bearing tool set part# 4933-1/11.1969/17 $302.49HAZET BREAKER BAR3/8" DRIVE2-component handle for optimum handling. Polished chrome \x1enish.250 mm length.HAZET ENGINE OIL FILTER WRENCH HAZET COMBINATION WRENCH 8 MM 8814$48.0286 MM, 16-POINT 15 degree angled box end. Slim, polished heads. Chrome 1/2" OR 24 MM DRIVE\x1enish. 130 mm length. 7 mm thick box end. 4.5 mm thick 2169-6 $33.68 open end.55 6596 010$9.93 HAZET TORQUE WRENCH3/8" DRIVE10 TO 60 NM RANGE+/- 3% accuracy tolerance. Turning handle knob for torque setting. With ratchet.320 mm length.5110-3CT$165.53HAZET HAZET ENGINE RUBBER ENGINE PISTON RINGMALLETCOMPRESSOR WITH54 MM HEAD DIAMETERWRENCHHigh strength spring steel. Tough, hard rubber (90 shore) head, 60 mm minimum diameter.non-elastic with strong impact. Wood 125 mm maximum handle.diameter. 80 mm height. 320 mm length. 321 gram total weight. 794-1$52.63 225 gram head weight.2143 $17.14HAZET MULTI PURPOSE MEASURING CONTAINER - 2 LITERWith pouring spout. Transparent high-density polyethylene material (HDPE). Not for use with acidic liquids.198-5$11.83HAZET IMPACT SOCKET SETExtra short design, suitable for use with short impact wrenches. Contains: (Qty) (1) 13mm 6-point socket, (1) 17mm 6-point socket, (1) 19mm 6-point socket, (1) 21mm 6-point socket.900SK/4$52.72HAZET MULTI PURPOSE DRAINHAZET THREAD REPAIR TOOL HAZET TORX PAN WITH HANDLESRepairs right-hand and left-hand threads. BladeUNIVERSAL JOINTS Suitable for \x1fuid changes and cleaning parts. Madeautomatically adapts to any thread pitch within3/8 DRIVE SOCKET SETof polyethylene. With pouring faucet. range. Also suitable for aluminium threads. Contains: (Qty.) (1) E8 External TORX, (1) 16 liter capacity. 450 mm diameter. 180 mm height. For thread diameters 4-13 mm. E10 External TORX, (1) E12 External TORX, 197-2$47.39 842AG-1$74.70 (1) E14 External TORX. 880G-E/4$161.4140'