b"Check fuel trim and test for vacuum leaksCheckspinonoil\x1flters.Also,donotforgetanLN fueltrimvaluestoensuretheyarewithinmagneticdrainplugnowavailableformost speci\x1fcation. Doing regular manometer tests ofPorsche models.thecrankcasevacuumlevelsisalsoagoodUsed Oil AnalysisConduct an oil analysis using Si Particle measure of engine and AOS health (for examplea SPEEDiagnostix (SSF# 10001) UOA kit at every Aluminum a 97-08 Boxster, Cayman, or 911 should have aoilchangetomonitorspeci\x1fcallyforlevelsof reading between 4-6 h2o column). A bad massabnormal aluminum, silicon, and iron wear levels air \x1eow sensor or oxygen sensors can also causeor contamination in your engine oil that might over-fueling that will wash down cylinders andindicatethepresenceofborescoringevenif lead to bore scoring, so these components, alongthere are no symptoms. Used oil analysis can also Honed Surface with the AOS and associated vent lines, also needidentify conditions that can lead to bore scoring Relieved Surface tobereplacedaspartofpreventativesuch as excessive fuel dilution, which may point maintenancetoensureyourengineisrunningtootherproblemswiththeenginethatneed correctly. Vacuum leaks can also cause an engineimmediate attention.to run rich, so having the engine smoke tested toBesurenottowearblinderswhenservicing checkforleaksishighlyrecommendedthese vehicles - One example is the water pump considering how poorly the plastic componentsthatshouldbereplacedevery4-6yearsorat areagingonthesevehicles.Cleanandprotectmost 75,000 miles; you should also consider an the fuel systemWith modern ethanol enrichedLN Engineering low temperature thermostat andfuels, using a bottle of Driven Injector Defendera new coolant expansion tank at the same time. everyother\x1fll-upwillhelpprotectthefuelAlsodontforgettoremovethefrontbumper systemfromthenegativee\x1dectsofethanolcover to clean out the radiators and condensers enriched fuels where ethanol free fuels are notregularly just as you would change out air and available.Simplysendingoutinjectorsforfuel \x1flters as part of preventative maintenance. serviceisnolongeranoptionitisLastly, just because a car has already had its IMS recommendedtoreplacefuelinjectorseverybearingchangedpreviouslydoesntmeanit 75,000milestoeliminatethechanceofleakydoesntneedtohaveitchangedagain.With injectors washing down your cylinders that canexceptionoftheIMSSolution,allballorroller lead to bore scoring. Advise your customers tobearing IMS bearings should be replaced at the onlyuse Top Tierfuelsandneveruseanyfuelmanufacturerrecommendedserviceintervals. with over 10% ethanol content.For the IMS Retro\x1ft, thats every 6 years or 75,000 StartoutslowlyuntilwarmNeverletanymiles,whichevercomes\x1frst.(LNEngineering Porscheengineidletowarmitupastherichdoes o\x1der a mail rebate for customers replacing mixtureduringcoldstartcanwashdowntheir IMS bearing againdetails can be found at cylinderboresjustlikeabadinjector.It'simsrebates.com) important to start driving immediately but keepBybeingproactivethroughscheduled Failed skirt coating engine rpm below 3000 rpm and avoid runningpreventativemaintenance,shopscanimprove the engine at wide open throttle until the enginethereliabilityandlongevityoftheirPorsche isatfulloperatingtemperature,especiallyincustomers engines providing signi\x1fcant value to colder climates. their customer over the life of their vehicle while Change oil at the recommended intervalsIt'sgeneratingavaluablerevenuestreamforyour importanttochangetheengineoilevery6business. monthsor5,000miles,preferablywithDriven DT40 (A40 alternative)or DI40 (C40 alternative) as these oils are formulated with increased levels ofMolyadditivesthatmostoilsdonothave, which in turn helps to protect the cylinder walls. Ifyourcustomertrackstheircar,drivesshort distances,oroperatestheengineincold climates,morefrequentoilchangesmaybe necessary. Vehicles\x1fttedwithanIMSSolution already bene\x1ft from improve \x1fltration, but other models can take advantage of LN Engineerings Bad piston spin on oil \x1flter adapters that allow for the use of lnengineering.com22"