b'Volkswagen/Audi Speaking of the Euro sphere, another very popular method used for programming these days among European specialists is the remote programming and coding option. There are several services available that Service Snafus and How to Avoid the Hazards offer remote programming and coding services. The methodology and tooling utilized varies by shop and vehicle depending on the vehicle and the equipment you choose or have available to work with.But with Volkswagen and Audi vehicles in the aftermarket, no matter how you approach the programming business in your location, when using the VW/Audi Offboard Diagnostic Information System (ODIS) service there are several things to learn, understand, and apply regularly in order to apply regularly in in order to experience snafu-free programming and coding.For the fast, efficient and productive service, repair, coding, and an AutomotiveTechInfo.com publication ODIS programming of VW/Audi vehicles, theres nothing better than working with the real thingVAGs ODIS. For service information and wiring schematics, nothing beats ODIS on VAG vehicles.Offboard Diagnostic Information System (ODIS) ServiceProgramming for independent repair shops, body shops and multi-store groups can be a daunting taskLets start with the similarities between VW/Audi programming and the if one considers the various number of OEMs, years, makes and models we work on. Then we have toprogramming process used by most other OBD II compliant manufacturers. deal with the varied procedures, tooling required, endless differences in OEM software, and the links forThey all require either a dealer or independent repair shop (fleet or school) to:signing up for and validating an OEM software access to perform programming or coding events.For most of us, especially in the Euro repair sphere, but increasingly in the domestic and Asian carpurchased, authorized and validated.lines too, we have to know an OEMs specific tips and tricks for the purchase, downloading, verification and use of the service information and programming and coding software access. This makes the difference between an efficient and profitable repair, and becoming entangled in three daysprogramming tool.of frustration, just getting things going and validated, simply to perform a 20-30 minute software update on the vehicle in our bay.The similarities between VW/Audi vehicles and other OEMs ends here Oy. programming-wise, however.There are several ways to look at productive programming solutions for independent shops. Many shopsOn to the differences And they are great. This is where people can get today rely on mobile technician and programming services that do the windshield time in local and frustrated or in trouble while trying to perform coding functions or regional markets.programming VW/Audi vehicles. These businesses are usually well equipped, providing at-your-shop, hands-on programming services,VW/Audi vehicles are simply different from other vehicles when it relates to using combinations of OEM interface tools, J2534 and other hardware, as well as OEM software access.computer software (file structure and access are different), scanner Some of these services utilize their own OEM software subscriptions to perform these services; othersfunctionality, and coding-programming functions.utilize the shops OEM account or purchase daily subscriptions as required.Figures 1 and 1a: VW/Audi ODIS The success of this type of programmingprovides access to factory schematics, arrangement depends entirely on the business and the technical capabilities of the mobile techand operations, repair procedures, doing the work. As is obviously true in theand other needed factory service brick-and-mortar repair shop industry, resultsinformation. ODIS is THE resource here may vary in your specific market. for servicing VW/Audi products.Some shops, however, embrace, equip for, invest and specialize in programming internally within their own shops. Many operations seek to cover as many car lines as reasonably possible and concentrate on those car lines that make up the bulk of their incoming car count. Many of you reading this article may fit snugly into this category, especially if you specialize in the service and repair of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles.31 8'