b'While doing this, the system develops a test plan that is used by the technician to navigateNew or Used ECM Replacement and Codingwith ODISthe diagnosis, or to configure and code a new or used module and SVM program softwareWhen coding a new or used ECM into a Volkswagen for example, one must be careful into a module. when adapting the immobilizer, and pay attention to how it needs With the ODIS, the Test Plan will offer you the ability to learn the immobilizer to the module, but it can also give The Test Plan you a prompt to learn the ECM to the immobilizer. This can cause near irreversible One of the best features in this system is the Test Plan function. When invoked, the Test Plandamage (other modules will need to be replaced) if done incorrectly. When coding or function lists the tasks it sees that you may need to do for your repair, and also lists the needreplacing an ECM, we want to match the immobilizer to the ECM, not the other way to perform basic settings, teach-in procedures, initializations and other critical modulearound. If we try to match the new-used ECM to the immobilizer, we can wipe out the startup functions during replacement. existing immobilizer coding in the other start modules, leaving the system completely dead and in a no-start condition. Automatically. Beautiful.When you put a new ECM in the vehicle for example, the GFF Test Plan willOption Code Settings: PR Codes, the Volkswagen Version of an automatically recognize that there is a newAs Built List of Optionsmodule plugged in, and it will list out allFrom time to time during a coding function, you will be asked to select from or enter an sub-functions necessary to initialize theoption code from production, to identify a system or an option installed on the car. This is module to the system. This includeswhere a lot of VW/Audi coding operations go south. On the DiagNation hotline, we see learning the existing immobilizer to the newthis multiple times daily; the tech who attempted the coding was prompted to either select module, initializing the new module acrossor inputan option code, but not knowing the answer, and needing to progress, he just other start modules, calling out anyrandomly selected something. adaptations required, and directing you to perform any basic settings needed.Note the prompt at the top of the test plan list in Figure 7 that states Tests (sortedAdapt key(s)according to chances of success)."Adapting anti-theft immobilizerDepending on your repair operation, youAdapting engine control modulemay not need all these items done in orderOnline system testbut would rather select the processes calledFigure 7: The Test Plan shownReading measured valuesout based on your specific repair. here lists all the processesReplace all immobilizer componentsthat were found during GFF Figure 8: When replacing or recoding a used module, be sure to adapt the immobilizer to the control module, not the other way around. Coding the immobilizer correctly is critical to the car leaving the bay!Doing this has coded the module incorrectly, and you would be surprised at some of the weird and unexplainable stuff that starts to happen Oh yeah, things can get hectic. When using ODIS and faced with an option codes question, simply navigate to the Information tab on the right of the screen and select the appropriate PR code when prompted. Again, refer to Engine electronics Figure 9.This list of 3-digit alpha-numeric codes is essentially the per-VIN build sheet; it identifies all 0001 - Warranty information systems and option configurations in that particular vehicle.01 - Adapt control module to immobilizer (Rep.Gr. 23)Adaptation of Intake NOTEManifold Flap ThehighestnumberofVW/Audicodingfailuresoccurbyanswering Adapting fuel pumpCodingControl module, replacingFigure 6: This is the list of availableECM/throttle valve control (or needed) functions to perform formodule - Adaptingeach module. The system sets thisEngine Control Module (ECM),Another area to be observant of is that the system will prompt to turn the ignition key off up automatically after it maps thesoftware adaptation and back on from time to time. Figure 10 shows the little key icon in the upper right of the system. In Test Plans, needed resets,Generate readiness code software. This key must be visible and the system voltage displayed, in order for any valid learn-in, and immobilizer processesLearning Kick-Down shift point functions to perform properly.Oil consumption measurementsystem knows what is installedValue blocks In the ODIS system, the key flips are read, processed on the ODIS site and sent back to the in the vehicle and prompts theValve proofing of the fuel car to wrap up file transfers, coding or SVM operations. Not cheating the key-flip requests technician to perform the neededair system while using ODIS is critical; make sure to do them exactly as prompted, otherwise the processes in the Test Plan.system may not work as desired when finished.33 8'