b'AGAAGA AGAMBZINSIDE DOOR PANELAGA INSIDE DOOR PANEL SMOKE DIAGNOSTICSMOKE DIAGNOSTIC LEAKLEVER REPAIR KIT - VERSION 1LEVER REPAIR KIT - Version 2 LEAK DETECTOR TEST PLUG KIT DETECTOR TEST PLUG This kit has an aluminum bracket that replaces theThis kit has an aluminum bracket that replaces the This kit contains two plugs that are installed into theThis test plug allows one to accurately smoke test theoriginal plastic inner door panel lever, which is notoriginal plastic inner door panel lever, which is not turbocharger inlet side of the vehicle. One plug isengine. available from the vehicle manufacturer, saving theavailable from the vehicle manufacturer, saving the connected to the smoke / test machine through the 1/4 "For Mercedes 260 engines. expense of replacing the door panel itself. expense of replacing the door panel itself. This is an NPT \x1ftting, and the other side is \x1ftted with a ball valve22 0168 260 $53.68 Contains: (Qty.) (1) aluminum bracket (1) aluminumupdated kit that repairs the lever regardless of where to open and close the system. block (1) screw (1) door panel clip (1) drill bit (1) allenthe lever is broken.For Mercedes 177 and 178 engines. wrench (1) installation instruction Contains: (Qty.) (1) aluminum bracket (1) aluminum 22 8425 006 $82.64 block (2) screws (1) door panel clip (1) drill bit (1) allen 22 0168 178$103.00 wrench (1) center punch (1) installation instructions22 8425 016$115.15AGAABC FLUSH TOOL AGA SMOKE DIAGNOSTIC LEAK This tool is designed to save valuable time when \x1eushing the Active Body Control (ABC) system onDETECTOR TEST PLUGAGAAGA Mercedes 215, 216, & 220 chassis cars. In order toThis test plug allows one to accurately smoke test theBRAKE BLEEDER RESERVOIR CAP AUX-USB PLUG TRIM - PLUG SAVERproperly \x1eush the the ABC system, it isengine. The sleek design with the angle \x1ftting; (1/4"Designed for use with the AGA brake pressureTrim piece to \x1fx a broken AUX-USB plug hole in the recommended to have access to the MercedesNPT), allows the plug to \x1ft into the intake boot withoutbleeder. Fits most European applications. For Brakecenter console. Manufactured from spring steel, Star Diagnosis System. Also note that this tool isbeing obstructed by the air \x1eow meter. Pressure Bleeder see part# 55 0867 020. heat treated and black oxided to match the interior designed to only work with the new style ABCFor Mercedes Sprinter models with a 642 engine.reservoir. Detailed instructions are included. 55 1728 010 $46.37 color of the center console and AUX-USB plug. Saves 55 0168 642$59.63 time and money by providing an alternative to 22 9997 119$129.07 replacing the center console.55 5899 010$26.93AGA WHEEL LOCK REMOVAL TOOL Replacement Collet Tool.Used for wheel lock removal tool kit part# 55 6946 010.AGA ALLEN SOCKET SET 55 6946 011$128.1513 MM DRIVE 4-PIECE SETUltra compact, magnetic sockets designed to be used with any 13 mm wrench. Can be used to remove and install oil drain/\x1fll plugs in tight spaces. A stronger magnet keeps the socket \x1frmly connected to the wrench, while a smallerAGA BMW & MINI WHEEL LOCK magnet on the allen side keeps drain/\x1fll plugs connected to the socket. REMOVAL TOOL KITContains: (Qty.) (1) 14 mm Allen Socket, (1) 12 mm AllenAGAUsed to remove high security wheel lock with spinning Socket, (1) 10 mm Allen Socket, (1) 8 mm Allen Socket, (1)REPLACEMENT SPLINE TOOLring on BMW and MINI vehicles, without the need of a Plastic Case. Cleans the secondary air injection tubes and airkey and leaving no damage to the wheel.Contains: (Qty.) (1) Collet, (1) Pin, (1) Remover.55 7116 030$118.75 passages Used for wheel lock removal tool kitFor replacement collet tool use (Qty.) (1) 55 6946 011.part# 55 6946 010. For replacement spline tool use (Qty.) (1) 55 6946 012.55 6946 012 $78.93 55 6946 010$361.2225 38'