b'Step 2: Click the "PR no." tab. If you are updating the SVM software according to a service bulletin, select SVM by Code, type in the Step 4: Return to theSVM code from the bulletin into the field when prompted, and follow the on-screen instructions to "Diagnosis" tab andcomplete the software transfer.answer the questions.You will find that the SVM process can take some time. This is because the system will check and Step 1: Clickupdate every module in the vehicle required to run the new software, and it will usually perform any the "Info"initializations, immobilizer teach-in processes, or basic settings needed while it runs. tab on Right of Screen. You should receive confirmation that the process has been successfully completed.Step 3:In some cases, the system will generate a Test Plan on what basic settings, teach-ins, and initializations Check forare not successfully performed, or are still needed once the system is updated.Option Codes for this VIN. The number and types of resets or basic settings needed during any given process is predicated on what the vehicle is equipped with, and what repairs, module replacements, or updates you are performing. Using ODIS for Coding and Programming in the AftermarketFigure 9: While coding modules, when asked for option content, follow the stepsAccess to the software and hardware for programming VW/Audi cars in the aftermarket is done through the erWin interface provided by VW/Audi for independent garage use. These websites, installed ion this vehicle. Most VW/Audi coding mistakes are made by incorrecterwin.vw.com anderwin.audiusa.com, are the aftermarkets portal to download ODIS. Today, there is answers to these questions. only one valid software for programming VW/Audi vehicles. Both websites now provide access to ODIS downloads to diagnose, code and program SVM codes into VAG vehicles. You will notice that there are only two approved devices for use: the VW/Audi 6154 Dealer Head VCI, or a J-2534 compliant device. Yet, take note that VAG warns us that there are no approved J-2534 ODIS Monitors the KEYHere, we see thatdevices in the very same web portal! This is critical to note because on VW/Audi and other VAG MQB STATUS and SystemODIS sees the keyplatform vehicles built after 2012, especially the newer cars built after 2018, VW/Audi ODIS will VOLTAGE. Here, theAND displays therequire a key flip (On-Off-On) to complete a coding or process on an immobilizer, and other system does not see thesystem voltage. operations, for example. key, nor the voltage.Figure 10: ODIS monitors key position and system voltage during diagnostic andIn these cases, the J-2534 protocol DOES NOT see, process or handle this key flip request, and coding sessions. It is important to make sure the system acknowledges the keythis will leave a vehicle stuck in the procedure and in a NO START condition if using J-2534 and displays the voltage during any ODIS session. pass-through devices. To our understanding at the time of this writing, VAG is slowly correcting this anomaly in each MQB platform car line for J-2534 compliance. But if you do get stuck in a Software Version Management (SVM)coding process due to this, your only option is to try to cancel the operation, which usually Coding and Programming leaves the vehicle half-programmed and dead (A/K/A bricked). These vehicles would then need When performing programming functions on VW/Audi vehicles using ODIS, we are really nota compliant 6154 dealer head to unlock the modules and finish the programming. programming at all as we would picture flash programming on other car lines. Use extreme caution when programming any MQB platform vehicle over J-2534. The preferred VW/Audi computer modules typically come set up with firmware and software seed infomethod is always to use a properly installed and validated ODIS purchased through the erWin indicating to the system it is a new (or used) module, waiting for the proper coding andwebsites, loaded onto a laptop with a 6154 dealer VCI or equivalent device.initializations to be performed, according to the Test Plan.(Wiki has a seemingly comprehensive list of MQB vehicles, so Google it.)Refer to Audi TSB 2011732/12 for a complete rundown and explanation of SVM coding options. Also note that in many U.S. states, you will be required to file for and obtain your NASTF LSID license to even be able to download and use ODIS. So check your states requirements for LSID The SVM code manages hardware and software compatibility at the platform-factoryrequirements on the NASTF.org independent aftermarket programming portals website. level. Since German vehicles are typically built to a platform, not a make and year, the SVM is VAGs way to code a module with the proper files to run the powertrain andSummaryother vehicle control systems on their platforms at the factory.The ODIS Guided Fault-Finding Test Plan will nicely guide you through every step if you follow along closely and pay attention to what the screen is asking you to do.Any changes to SVM coding will come in TSB form, after the vehicle is in the field.Voltages and sufficient, stable internet and ethernet speeds are critical in VW/Audi ODIS Whenever a change in software is required, for whatever purpose, the new software versionfunctionality. The good thing is that most of the time (NOTE: most of the time), if a mistake is code SVM is stated on the bulletin along with any information the factory wants you to havemade while coding a VW/Audi vehicle, no harm, no foul. The exception to this would be regarding the update. interrupting an SVM software update in progress. But even those will often recover unharmed.The SVM Coding Menu can be found under the Special Functions tab or selected from any TestNo matter how you slice it, the VW/Audi ODIS system is one great addition to your shops Plan that identifies SVM coding is required. The most commonly used SVM options are: programming repertoire if you work on a lot of these cars. In your authors opinion, it is one of the best OEM systems out there for ease of use and trouble-free programming. (1) SVM Activations (used for add-on accessories, trailer towing options, etc)(2) SVM by Code (this is where you type in the SVM code provided on your TSB), and Just be careful when doing immobilizer functions, replacing steering lock modules, keys and (3) SVM Specified/Actual, which sweeps the entire system and prompts the security modules. This is a deeper subject with several important land mines to navigate. For atechnician to proceed with any updates identified by the ODIS SVM system. fairly complete rundown of the VW/Audi IMMO systems and coding, see the November 2021 derFix article (bit.ly/3FgkZb5) and enjoy the information! 34'